Campaign of the Month: May 2014

Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

How it could have ended

this is just an outline. ·

James leaves new sea. he leaves a note saying that he is a danger to himself and others as he is. he is going to try and fix himself.
· sakura, asuna and zander are all shocked james has left. with him gone they have lost their last “big hitter” demoralized but determined they get a group and use it to enter the mace rune weapon.
· JFC defeats the “plague” and returns to new sea. like other times they return only minutes after they left(but for them it feels like weeks) they decided to wait to enter the staff.
· a week after leaving james calls upon his true mother: a goddess from palladium named Heim. she reveals that most of his past is a fabricated lie. it was 2 fold. to both protect him and his father: Orion.
· after his talk with his mother and learning about his past james loses control and starts rampaging through the wilderness. Orion shows up and stops him and brings him back to his senses. they leave rifts earth together.
· jfc takes on a few odd helpers from around new sea to help retrieve the next rune weapon located in the vampire kingdoms.
· In Mexico JFC faces vampires as well as minions of Hades. They over come this and return to new sea with the 5th rune weapon.
· 6 months after being imprisoned trent is freed by a group calling themselves the renegades(the same gods that did not wish to join new sea). They return him to new sea.
· The minion war(which was in a stalemate state) fires back up due to the aggression of hades 3 new generals. These 3 have single handley torn the dyval armies to pieces.
· Trent , sakura and zander go to scout the remains of a battle between the 3 generals and a dyva force. When they get closer a winged figure grabs sakura while shouting “mine mine mine mine” Hawk has been resurrected. Orion appears and tells trent the last general wants a word and says he has some business with zander(concerning their dea struck in Antarctica).
· When Trent finds the third member he is both dishearten and afraid…it is none other then james.
· Betrayed and hurt trent and the others regroup(they where defeated by the 3) and plunge into the rune weapon. Trent vows to stop james at all costs. They do not reveal to the members of new sea about james turning traitor
· Trent and the others finally collect all the rune weapons but one held in Atlantis. Unbeknown to them: james orion and hawk have already claimed the final rune weapon.
· Using the rune weapon james and the others are transported to of all places Africa during the four horseman. They join the fight against them as this is the only way to reveal the rune weapons true form.
· After defeating the four horseman they are swept up into the fateful duel between james and anubis. James(donning his white mask, which he has learned to control) takes knock out his ast counter part, takes up Apple/Tess and goes to fight. Apple looks into his mind to see everything..and the truth is rvealed. He never betrayed anyone. This was all a ploy so that A: orion can sow chaos, and B: so james can learn to control his other half through chaos. James fights Anubis and wins. Declaring that he will defeat all his enemies and protect JFC.
· Orion and hawk return to the present via the portal. James “walks” back through time in order to train himself up more. He hire Celeste to steal Tess and Mag from new sea.
· Upon delivery Celeste give james a gift from Orion. It is the third fury in a well as a woman in a coffin, its is Clytemnestra..from another reality,
· Jfc goes to dyval and faces off against a weakened satalius. They make a deal and the dyval forces withdraw. Meanwhile james and Clytemnestra train to be stronger. Tess fully accepts james as her master and shows him all the secrets f the rune furies..including that they all can manifests bodies!
· James faces hawk. E loses control during the fight and turns into a demon. He kills hawk in this fury..finally regaining control after. The members of JFC with an army behind them invade hades to stop modius.
· James faces modius himself. James fuses with Tess to become an avatar of vengeance. Their fight tears apart half the th end james stood on top over a weakened modius. He leaves him for JFC to finish and nce again leaves to train to become stronger.
· JFC finish modius and ends the minion war. It is now the year 114. in the reaches of space a new threat looms for earth.
· More to come later.



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