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The Secret of the Cold Mountains

Some Secrets are better left Undiscovered

J.F.C. continued their travels through Antarctica, heading roughly in the direction Gazi and Nirvana indicated to them.

  • They sensed lifeforms that gave off intense heat and radiation, not unlike a nuclear reactor. They did not come closer than 12 miles to the Snow Lion APC.
  • As a short 20+ hour antarctic storm approached, JFC took refuge near the base of the Trans-Antarctic mountains. There they discovered a cavern with more of the mysterious radiation and heat emitting creatures.
  • Zander used Sherlock to ask three questions:
    • Will we get past these mountains? An image was received of a cavern tunnel.
    • Where might McGreggor be found? An image of his silhouette was seen in a control room of some kind.
    • Are the creatures we’re sensing dangerous? An image of blood filled the pool of water.
  • In performing the ritual Hawk revealed his true Nightbane form.


  • They interpreted Zander’s visions as proof they needed to go through this cavern they were parked near. Zander made plans to turn into energy and try to lure them out. He entered the cave and caught their attention, but he didn’t entice them enough to actually leave the cave.
  • JFC concluded these creatures were just protecting their home and young, so rather than fight them needlessly they kept driving across the glacier in order to find another way to the other side of the mountains.
  • After several hours they reached the end of the glacier and saw a sheer drop of over 1,000 feet. With no way to safely get the APC to the bottom they resigned to try and get through the caves.
  • More “live bait” was suspected to be necessary to get the creatures to leave the caves, and Hawk volunteered to be that. He transformed and entered the antarctic air unprotected – his supernatural nature would give him about 20 or so minutes before he started to feel the effects of the cold.
  • Hawk shrouded himself in darkness using one of his talents, and as he got within sight of these creatures he began to suffocate them in his blood. As he explored these caves he got lost. At one point he found a hallway leading to a green glowing radioactive area and he wisely turned away from it.


  • Hawk finally found his way though the caves though he had no idea how. He contacted the APC and requested their help with an extraction. Sakura and her close, exasperated, decided to enter the cave and do the job Hawk had seemingly not done.
  • Sakura used the Bear mask to keep her bearings but found that the surviving creatures paid her no mind as they went into the cave. She refocused her efforts into exploring and when she encountered that radioactive, glowing tunnel she and her twin went down it.
  • Zander lit the way for Hawk to fly back over the mountains and find them again – he was already beginning to suffer from exposure. Once he arrived at the APC Bex checked him for radiation and kicked him right back out due to radiating lethal amounts of it. He was given back his environmental armor to survive, and to contain his radiation.
  • Since Hawk made it through the APC crew decided to just try and drive through, the creatures be damned.
  • Where the glowing tunnel ended there was a drop into what appeared to be water. Sakura caught a silhouette of a Qua-Trau alien and suspect this was the McGreggor she was here to find and thwart. She asked her clone to go back to the others and tell them they could come through while Sakura began to climb down after that shadow. About 20 feet down she discovered there wasn’t water down here at all, but metal – like a spaceship hull that was cloaked.
  • Sakura’s clone ran in to the rest of the group driving through the cave and simply told them that Sakura should be back with them soon. Together they all drove through the network of caves and tunnels.
  • At one point it was so narrow that Wibbly wasn’t sure the APC would fit. There, Zander used the Mystic Portal spell to transport it past that bottleneck. Once the APC was safely outside on the other side, they waited.
  • Sakura met McGreggor and as soon as she got his attention, he once again misunderstood the situation and treated her as a suprrior Atorian officer. Sakura was stunned by this but played along in order to learn more of his plans. Together they entered the ship though an access port that McGreggor had found.
  • The inside of this ship was huge, made for beings which were 30 to 40 feet tall. After exploring for a bit it became apparent this was no Atorian spaceship. They encountered an area where one giant humaniod alien was asleep in a liquid-filled tube of some kind, with seven similar but empty tubes around him. On the outside of the tube was a button and McGreggor pushed it. The alien opened its eyes and the fluid drained to let him out.
  • Once out, the alien called itself A__________ and promised to reward them well for serving him. He dressed himself, armed himself, and walked towards the engineering area. There he began to type into a computer of some kind.
  • Sakura and McGreggor realized something bad was going on and began to attack the being. McGreggor used his hammer to smash his foot and annoy him in other, small ways while Sakura wreaked havoc on the computer. She managed to accidentally start a self-destruct sequence which the giant humanoid attempted to stop. Sakura and McGreggor worked hard to stop him from doing that.
  • After a short while it became apparent there was not much they could do and so Sakura covered the entire computer in silver and bother her and McGreggor ran away. They made it to the place where they came in after a short while but noticed that the alarms which activated for the self-destruct changed as they ran there.
  • Planning to escape, McGreggor offered to stay behind and further frustrate the alien so that Sakura could escape. She let him and climbed out, determined to make it back to JFC. McGreggor ran down to where he thought the hangar bay would be.
  • Sakura made it back to the waiting JFC and described what she just went though. She had recorded much of it with her video transmitted and played that for them too. Zander recognized the alien as a Dominator based on his readings of the Ley of Treenan and the Codex of Souls. As he explained what they were the danger became more and more apparent. JFC began to make plans to go back and stop this megaversal threat.
  • Bex and Wibbley weren’t going to go with them but Bastian chided them, declaring that salvaging alien technology was why they came to Antarctica, so the two of them would go with JFC.
  • Nirvana was able to remember some racial memories when the video showed the engine room, complete with a captured Biowaw alien powering the ship. He informed them they wouldn’t be able to teleport back into the ship due to dimensional defenses the Dominator had likely turned back on by now. Acknowledging that, JFC, along with Bex and Wibbley, geared back up and teleported to the radioactive tunnel just outside the ship.
  • At the ship, they found the hatch which Sakura used to enter and leave earlier was shut. Zander tried a Mystic Portal anyway and it seemed to work, but as the group tested it they discovered that anything passing though liquefied into a plasma state of matter.
  • Bex used her psionic powers to try and force the hatch open from the outside – she discovered she’d have limited control but that would be one of her few controls. Unfortunately, once she did that, the Dominator would immediately know.




Looks like the Dominator is dominating…. and doors turning to shit are very frustrating….

The Secret of the Cold Mountains

That’s an embarrassing typo! Editing and fixing now – the door was “shut,” not “shit.”

The Secret of the Cold Mountains

Haha! It’s amazing what a cameo by MacGreggor can do. I swear — I honestly expected to be playing him as an NPC but it’s Isaac’s former character so he took control for just long enough to push the…big, red, shiny, enticing, AWESOME BUTTON!

Five! What the hell happened to six?

Just kidding. Four. Three. Two. One. Have a nice day!


The Secret of the Cold Mountains

I really don’t think you and I share the same dictionary, because my definition of awesome doesn’t seem to match your definition.

The Secret of the Cold Mountains

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