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Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada

Too long

Ever wondee how this story ended?


I know how it ended in one version of the tale. It doesn’t go well for this corner of the Megaverse but the final battle I envision is as epic as it is deadly. I keep thinking, someday I’ll write it. But so far all I’ve written is the aftermath, where Trent, Lytsong, and Sakura escaped the doomed Megaverse only to find themselves in Aco’s realm. And the goddess was NOT pleased.

Too long

JFC gathered what remained of their allies and the armies of order and brought then to the Dragon Road Convergence in the Astral Plane. It was the last dimension left. Chaos had consumed much of the other dinensions and in some cases, the entirety of the dimension was consigned entirely to Chaos. The hilltop containing the grand nexus was what they had to defend.

Trent was laying out the 14 weapons for the magical ritual. Everything over the years had built to this moment. He would lead the ceremony with the other participating mages. Sakura and her sisters surrounded them as guards, determined to protect the ritual with their lives.

James stood at the head of the assembled armies. Legions of Soldiers from all over the Megaverse awaited his commands. Many allies led their own contingent of soldiers.

Steve, of the House of Gary, stood with what remained of his Splicer bretheren. Each warrior as deadly as they were monstrous. The sword Conan gripped tightly in his host armor’s hand, he eagerly awaited the start of battle.

Zander sat smoking his pipe, utterly unconcerned. What will be, will be. They only had to buy Trent enough time to finish the ritual. Time. After this battle he knew his time was over, but he accepted it. He would join his brothers and sisters today and then leave with them when it was all done. He saw the signal from James. He stood up and pulled out the scroll with the legendary spell. He read the words and reality rippled. One by one every D-Shifter who ever existed appeared in the space behind him. All of them plucked from time at the moments history recording them disappearing. A loop closed; a little bit of Order to start this fight. Zander rallied them to the fight. They cheered, ready.

Other allies were mixed within the army. Glitterboys, Naruni-armed mercenaries, Coalition soldiers, Russian cyborgs, Superhumans, Godlings, Kittani, Mechanoids, Demons… the list went on and on. They all stood ready for James to give the signal.

James scanned the horizon. It was only a matter of time before the primordial chaos and its army reached them. He pulled out his mask, finally able to control the evil and power it represented. A point of light appeared on the horizon. And then another. And another. Portals were opening all around them, spewing out the facsimiles of warriors who had given into Chaos and were now part of its primordial soup. They all charged the army. They were an impassable wall. As they surged forward more appeared from the portals. Within moments the armies of Order were badly outnumbered. Still more poured through.

James put on his mask and faced the armies of Order. “Today we fight! This is our last stand. You must summon your courage one last time and hold the horde at bay. We must prevail. Today we no longer fight each other. Today, we just! Fight! Chaos!” The armies roared together in unison and began the final assault. The final defense. On the hill, the ritual started.

Too long

This is the music which plays over the scene:

Too long

The chaos of the battle is too intense to describe. SAMAS led by McGreggor in a jury-rigged suit strafe the hordes. Glitterboy’s pound into the enemy with BOOM after BOOM after BOOM. The legion of D-Shifters begin to blink and teleport around the field, each of them mimicking the spacial and temporal magic they’ve witnessed. The chaotic goo begins to form a familiar extension to James. Orion, the Hunter. “Hello, son.” He attacks James, their duel is powerful and epic.

One by one the defenders are overwhelmed. The chaos can produce warriors faster than the army of order can recover. Their numbers dwindle, they are pushed back toward the hill. Surrounded. Nowhere left to go. Zander and the D-Shifters begin to fade. “Our time is over.” They disappear, but draw hundreds of enemies with them into the Void as it finally reclaims them all.

On the hill, the ritual goes badly. Well-placed strategic attacks have killed two of the mages. Plato, critically wounded, has broken away to erect a powerful barrier to try and protect them. Of the 14 weapons in their concentric circle, only 9 remain standing in humanoid form. The other weapons lay on the ground, broken as their forms were killed. “We can still do this!” Trent yells over the roaring of battle and magic. “The Codex-” his words are cut off as Plato collapses from his wounds and the barrier falls. More volleys arc toward the circle.

Sakura and her sisters rush to try and erect barriers of Silver but they’re destroyed faster than they can make them. Another weapon falls. A winged figure flies up from the battle and starts parrying the attacks out of the air – it’s Hawk. He doesn’t fight to help, he just wants to get paid and he needs them to survive so he can collect. His supernatural tendrils of darkness are a welcome relief, until several small spheres of annihilation come at him. He tries to get away but is caught in the blast radius. He, along with part of the hill, are instantly vaporized. As are another 2 weapon forms.

“Trent!” Jescha yells from within the ritual. “There aren’t enough anymore! We needed 7!”

“Do you think I don’t know that!” Trent shouts back at her. “We have to try!”

3 mages are slain, their souls sucked from them by a chaotic recreation of Nyxla. The energy in the ceremony spins wildlybout of control. Not enough weapons. Not enough mages. Not enough power. Not enough time. Everything’s fallen apart. Chaos’ army advances up the hill. There are no longer enough defenders to stop them. One by one Sakura’s sisters are slain, each one’s death a physical blow to the increasingly weakened original. Fire, ice, and lightning reigns down upon the hill from the sky. Trent panics. This is the end.

“No.” James, impossibly alive, expends the last of his energy to stand upon the hill, facing the enemies with Sakura. “Do something!” He shouts at Trent. But there is jothing. There’s nowhere to run. Nowhere left but here. This was the last stand. Both are yelling at him now as the armies threaten to consume them. “Trent!” “Trent!” It’s just them 3 left. He sees noone else. There is nowhere else. The magical energy is spiraling out of control around them. His sword materialized her image in front of Trent, James’ sword Apple materializes her image too. Both of then slap Trent; he feels it. It shocks him from this state. Lytsong shouts, “The Trent I know doesn’t give up!” “But there’s nowhere left!” He yells at them. “Then take us there!” Apple commands.

Trent stands with renewed hope. “Nowhere…” he whispers. James and Sakura are shouting but the words are lost in the cacophony of noise. He grabs them and pulls then toward him. Mentally he reaches out and wrests control of the vortex of magic. The familiar words of the magic pass his lips; time stops around them. The frozen landscape rumbles – time magic won’t last, the chaos is too strong. But this has bought Trent the moment he needs to bore open a portal. Not a portal to another dimension. Not a portal to the cracks between dinensions. Not a portal to the void. But through and past all that – to the nothingness beyond. To the outer edges of the Megaverse. Beyond it. Further. As far as the power in this storm will let him reach. The portal still won’t open. It isn’t far enough. Further, he pushes. Through all of space. Through time. Beyond the edges, beyond the limits of walls of reality. After an eternity of tense seconds the portal opens. To nothing, nowhere; a place empty of chaos, devoid of anything, but to the three of them it was full of hope. All the magical power was consumed to bore this portal open. Trent has no idea what it is, only that it impossibly worked. Reality rumbles again, then cracks as the time spell itself is shattered. The minions of chaos swarm. The impossible portal, already small in size, begins to collapse rapidly.

Without hesitation James pushes Trent and Sakura through the portal before it shrinks away to nothing. They fall into the emptiness and watch James make a last stand to keep the army away from the portal. Before it closes to nothing Trent sees James fall. Then there is blackness. Chaos has consumed the Megaverse. Only two have survived.

Too long

Chaos has won, but Chaos has lost. In consuming the Megaverse it has created uniformity and Order. The Chaos rails against this, struggling to be anything more. The bounds of this Megaverse constrain it. This prison of reality shiuld have been enough to keep it contained. Except for the actions of one arrogant mage. The bore he created is a weak point in this prison. As chaos surges the weak point cracks. Bits of chaos seep through. Though the cracks seal over time by those whose duty it is to monitor and contain these small bits or chaos reform on new worlds in new realities. One such being is the Demigod known as James. Fragmented memories, powers limited, he regains his free will and form. This story is told in at least 7 places. Maybe 8. Enough to start the cycle anew. But also enough to change it. Things can go different this time. They must.

Too long

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