Chapter 5: Ergo Ego

Ergo, Ego

Always believe in yourself. Never constraint that belief. I believe I can turn into a ball of light and float around. I believe I can shoot lightning from my fingertips. I believe I can travel between planes of existence. Because I believe in myself, I am able to do all of these things. Never place limits on what you can and can’t do.

I’m reminded of a traveling companion who once wore a locket said to contain his godly powers. Zeus had put it on him for fear he was too young and foolish to have such power. Many years passed and he became embroiled in situations increasingly outside his experience level. In the midst of the trials, he obtained the key to release him from his bonds, but instead, he kept it on to challenge and push himself to the brink.

In a time a great need, when he felt it was time to release the power from the locket while fighting an impossible opponent, only then, did he finally open that which was taken. A burst of energy was felt and his eyes glowed with the fury of the sun! With a mighty blow, he lashed out at his foe, but alas, the power was not enough and he was run through by the beast.

James had a habit of learning the same lesson over and over again. The power supposedly locked away was in fact not in the bracelet. And that is why he ultimately failed. The power was within him, and all he had to do was believe it. He didn’t die that fateful day, but he did learn that Zeus is one of the greatest trolls ever.

And now, your moment of Zen:

Take a leap of faith
to see who will break your fall
I hope you are light

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Chapter 5: Ergo Ego

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