Chapter 6: Fuzzy Baby Ducks

Tips on how to survive in a cold environment:

  • Wear loose fitting layers of clothing
  • Dig a snow cave
  • Build a fire

Tips on how to survive a Russian Winter:

  • Don’t go to Russia in the winter

Seriously, it’s freaking cold there and don’t even bother with your bicycle. General Seriyev assured me the summers are a glorious affair of flowers, grasslands, and small furry animals that are justsocute. Maybe they are. I’ll have to go back someday once the radiation clears.

Russians like their vodka, their robots, and explosions. The bigger the better. Same goes for their stories. I never did get a chance to hear about Crazy Ivan and Rasputin; however, I did eventually meet the latter. But that’s a story for another time

And now, your moment of Zen:

Comet, soaring high
Through the night, blue as can be
Shine! For all to see

Comet hyakutake 1

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Chapter 6: Fuzzy Baby Ducks

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