You guys fought valiantly to escape the clutches of the thermonuclear prologue in the Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada Megaverse-Spanning Campaign only four months ago. It was right around Christmas / January that we embarked on an adventure that literally tore the floor out from under your characters, offered a few KEY answers, but mostly raised new questions. This past Saturday, with only 3 out of 5 players available (and one was terribly under the weather), we had a gluttonous gluten extravaganza in celebration! Congratu-fucking-lations on making it out alive…if not unscathed.

Whoa! What a Babylon-ending Season Finale! Unfortunately we were two men down because both Ryan and Isaac weren’t able to make it and Chris, fighting the flue, made it through half the session from Skype. I must admit that you certainly kept me on my toes and that over the course of the last four months we’ve experienced the gamut of gaming and emotions — we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve sung the BABYLON BLUES, we’ve taunted gods and become their pawns and playthings and even their fucktoys (thank you three-eyed wun). We even started a new religion that is seeing Hablar the Speech-Giver Resurgence in little cults around the post-apocalyptic globe. Your characters have gained a wealth of experience that have truly turned them into battle-hardened, seasoned adventurers with REAL combat training and mercenary instincts. They have experienced the ravages of magic and time and foiled plots and plans that go so far beyond their realm of knowledge as to be nearly unfathomable. This group you’ve assembled: A sowki, a splicer, a godling, a temporal wizard, and an alien raptor is no more the ad hoc assembly ragtag band of motley crew mismatched misfits. You’ve gotten your character’s combat strategies and synergies ironed out and mostly nailed down. You’ve glommed onto a veritable potpourri of magical items in your retinue and you’ve managed to unlock two gigantic breakthroughs in the overall metaplot.

Dan, Dave, Isaac, Ryan, Chris — you guys really did incredibly and my hat is off to you all in congratulations!

As for the actual contents of your last day of adventure — I believe we started by ironing out how long was left on Pall Mall’s Anti-Magic Cloud. As soon as the Time Barrier was stopped, Trent put a Time Stop on the Temporal Paradox that was your ticket home. When the Anti-Magic Cloud was gone the Nexus Maw vanished for good. Trent teleported the Code of Hammurabi BACK to the tower after opening it and finding the corpse of the god Marduk — Lord of the Gods. Then you guys ran upstairs through the sweeping swaths of destruction cut by the naked man and found a magical tongue amid the remainder of “tongue-like” sensory feelers for the Nexus Maw. You replaced Marduk’s tongue, let him heal in a dimensional envelope with super-time acceleration, and brought him back to life. He was kind of grateful — and you bayed him help in the recovery of Sonja from the torturous hands of Mummuu…with which he complied. Upon going back to Mummuu’s prison / lair you entered into negotiations with the evil god where Trent offered two scrolls of Temporal Spells to Mummuu for Sonja. They were both the same spell and Mummuu wanted something a little more…he wanted desperately the ability to breach and / or recreate the prison he currently populated.

Then Pall Mall offered James in exchange for Sonja, a dragon’s eye gem, and a scroll of Mummuu’s choosing. Invoking the Law of the Land from Hammurabi’s code Mummuu asked for an eye for an eye — which Pall Mall used to ask for payment for the supposedly wrongfully accused — in lost wages and earnings from his minion. At no point in the negotiation did anyone ever produce the crown or offer it to Mummuu. At no point in the negotiation did we ever go to Bathsheba’s corpse and attempt to transfer the consciousness of Shamhat out of the crown and into the body. The Splugorth Minions looked on as one of their own was caught in Pall Mall’s constrain being when Sonja was produced and dropped unceremoniously at the feet of the group.

James willingly volunteered to sacrifice himself and stepped forward under the assumption that he could endure whatever Mummuu had planned for him — a very noble action that was recognized by Marduk as such — which countered Pall Mall’s offer since James’s willingness was for a one-to-one exchange…for an NPC no less! Pall Mall, however, insolent and proud as ever, defied the gods and cast teleport superior but Trent made his SAVE VERSUS MAGIC to get everyone out of the chamber and into the hallway where the exit mystic portal was. He then placed a wall of defense behind them to prevent anyone from pursuing. Marduk, troubled and in no mood to kill insignificant worms who had previously saved his life abstained from participation and left Mummuu to deal with his betrayal after presiding over the negotiations. Mummuu, however, not to be trifled with opened a Mystic Portal just behind the fleeing PC’s with Pall Mall at their Helm and began slinging his SLINGSHOT OF ANNIHILATION! Uh oh! Better run guys! The Splugorth minions started running for the door to chase down the part and just before they got to the wall of defense. Whew! What a close call! Trent stayed behind to barter with Mummuu and, easily distracted, the god took very little interest in the fleeing PCs and started to expound upon and extrapolate on his new theories for Trent…which, while very interesting, quickly proved beyond the Temporal Wizard’s grasp. Trent, Jescha, and Steve stayed behind to take the “long” way back to the future and eventually met up with the rest of the group in Pall Mall’s sanctuary in 110 P.A.

From their Pall Mall used the genie to permanently make his sanctuary nearly impossible to penetrate. James spent his time in Calgary at the Bite Club and Lazlo to meet with Erin Tarn and work out a book deal for the exploits of your band of merry men. She asked about a “name” for your group of adventurers…or mercenaries…or megaverse-savers…but none has been given yet. He also had a message for Orion. Steve and McGreggor vanished to Splicers Homeworld and Mechanicsville respectively and would not rejoin the group for a few months. Trent and Pall Mall, after teaching each other spells and sharing arcane knowledge, recouped some travel expenses, and got to know the group’s new companion — a LIVING RUNE WEAPON R.C.C. in the form of a sword. I’m pretty sure no one actually asked him his name but, Gazi Tulwar, in the form of a RED aura, Diabolical, Soul-Drinker ancient rune artifact SCYTHE has now joined the group. He will gain experience if / when he is wielded in battle. I don’t think I gave you guys his character sheet but I will post it to Obsidian Portal when I can.

Let’s see, Pall Mall and Trent did a shitload of brainstorming after Chris had to call it a night and get some rest. James left the area but the two mages earned considerable deductive reasoning for piecing together the fact that their are SEVEN ALIGNMENTS and SEVEN COLORS IN THE RAINBOW. There is also ONE HIDDEN EIGHTH alignment that dave couldn’t keep inside of him called the Taoist alignment or what Brent calls…TRUE NEUTRAL. That’s completely out of character though so good fuckin’ luck justifying how your characters know THAT one…from CHINA. Regardless, the plague of P.P.E. is basically solved. Dan and Dave started visiting and investigating ley lines and a nexus close to Pall Mall’s new dimension shifted sanctuary.

At one such ley line they discovered an odd color and “flavor” to the P.P.E. there and a storm was brewing. Then Pall Mall flew off north and tried to rid himself of a nexus maw worm-feeler — at which point two more mini-rifts opened up in mid-air right before him and started pooping out more nexus worms. The sowki summoned a shadow beast with the express directions to kill each and every worm that appears for the next 24 hours. He soon left to rejoin Trent.

They two were on a crusade to sniff out nexuses and even journeyed out to STONEHENGE in England where they found a RIFT WITHIN A RIFT — the Deevils are using rift-generation technology to open miniature rifts at specific super-nexus locations around the globe of Rifts Earth and somehow poisoning Potential Psychic Energy with their Chaos Generators (cue ominous music). Oh no! When we last left Pall Mall and Trent they were aiding and abetting a gathering of DRUIDS at the Stonehenge super-nexus against a football-stadium sized KAIJU WORLD MONSTER and a few Cerebellum Demons. Dave was on point with a teleport: lesser on a scroll of circle of protection: greater — LOL!

It wasn’t long after that our intrepid adventurers retired for the evening with experience and doggy bags of ravioli, sausage, red sauce, and cupcakes. Congratulations again!


Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada Witchcraft