Journal - Trent - Entry 13

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It’s been a few days. Time to get caught up in this journal.

I met another so-called “god” that day we fought our way into the Xiticix hive. That guy in the room down below, he was the “god” – I believe he called himself Moomoo? In our conversation he dropped on us that he developed the energy-beam spells we encountered in the library, forming the boundary for that prison. He started talking about how it worked, and I tried to follow, but it quickly went over my head. Still, maybe I can sell those notes I did manage to take to a technowizard?

He had impaled some Demon or Deevil woman on the wall and surrounded her with those energy-beams, and was had taken a break from interrogating her just before we had arrived. Seems she projected the illusion of the Xiticix queen in order to try and trick us into killing her, which would free her essence from her current material form and send her back to her dimension. Nice try, but we didn’t take the bait. Moomoo told us that she stole something important, but wouldn’t say what it was. James seemed like he might have an idea, I’ll need to remember to ask him about it. He invited us to talk with her if we wished, but wow – lang-uage!

Demogogian is uniquely suited to the task of describing vile, horrible acts in more ways than is possible in any other language I know. For all the cursing and venom she spewed at us with her verbal vomit, I know she had only gotten started. It’s like this: Imagine EVERY possible horrible, creative and detailed way you can think of for someone to describe to you how they could conceivably kill you both very slowly, and very painfully. Now consider that for every one way you thought of, there are more than one hundred different, additional ways to subtly say it differently in Demogogian. And each of those hundred ways is worse than before. Truly it is a unique, if twisted, language that always loses something in the translation unfortunately.

I didn’t expect to write a dissertation on the language of Demons and Deevils here. I stand by what I wrote though.

Knowing that Baaz had likely passed through recently (based on how long Moomoo said he had been there for), I took a shot with my “Visions of the Past” spell (yeah, I’m renaming it – suck on that, Nusael!). Moomoo was leery as I started casting it, but once I explained what I was trying to do he warily let me continue. It took a couple tries but I finally found the right time frame and witnessed the Deevil woman (she was working with Baaz, I assume she was some sort of Deevil) rip open her own chest and pull out… something, which she then handed to Baaz.

Weird that I couldn’t see what it was. It was all foggy, like it was out of focus? I got caught up in all the excitement earlier, I didn’t really stop to think on that too much. Moomoo was very interested in what I was narrating, though. Since it included Baaz, even Solomon starting paying attention to me again. Moomoo asked me about learning this magic from me, and even though his offer was tempting I don’t think I want to risk it just now. Besides, in my vision, Baaz was fleeing the hive from the way he came in, and I raced to keep up with the vision, leaving Moomoo behind. I would guess he had some new things to discuss with the “lady.”

I noted that Baaz took off Westerly in a more or less straight line. At that news, Solomon didn’t bother sticking around any further and took off. Why did his leaving produce a sonic boom, similar to what we heard back at the refugee camp? Weird. I started thinking about my next move and that’s when James and The Deacon joined me. We collaborated for a bit and I decided I would stick with them a while longer. Tr’nalath had involved himself in this somehow, and maybe if I stuck with them I’d find out how – and more importantly, why.

I used one of my scrolls to teleport us to the city of Freehold so we could outfit ourselves for our continued pursuit. The city, to be expected, was in various states of chaos. I’m not sure what James and The Deacon went after, but I decided I would get a jetpack for some personal transportation (if needed), and then I went to pay a visit to the local magic guild. Turns out, they’re just a branch and they are represented interdimensionally. I ended up becoming a member in order to purchase a flying animal. They have some decent perks, too, that I’ll have to investigate further at one of their surviving branches – this branch won’t last much longer, not with the Coalition knocking on their door.

An adult male Gryphon, named Graatch. Seems obedient enough, and can carry two if necessary – somehow I doubted The Deacon would have found transportation of his own. It’s a bit unlike me to think of that. I really don’t know why I ensured I bought a creature which would carry two. It’s not something that even occurred to me at the time.

Is that the second thing I’ve written about in this entry that was strange, and I didn’t question at the time? Is something wrong with me? I need to focus! Sloppy shit like that will get me killed, or worse. I was trained better than this. I AM better than this.

I met up with The Deacon and James and I opened us up a dimensional portal back to where Solomon left us. Something weird occurred while I was doing this, like a pinprick of some kind. James rode point on his weird, flaming horse, while The Deacon and I rode on Graatch. We thankfully only ran into one Xiticix patrol as we flew west. It was so sudden that all three of us were thrown from our mounts. Luckily I had my jetpack! Somehow The Deacon was flying too. James broke his fall with the ground but didn’t seem to hurt it too badly. We then made short work of the bugs, in no small part due to The Deacon using the rune gun I gave him to assault them with wind magic. We nearly lost James in the fight, though. He looked pretty beat down there towards the end. Of course, he’s not human, so in a short while he was just fine.

Next day we encountered a hatch in the ground! This place was a goldmine! We easily entered and found it to be some sort of scientific laboratory full of techno-wizard weapons and devices! Naturally I took everything that wasn’t nailed down. Once I’m done writing this all down I intend to finally sit and sift through them, identifying thir functions as best I can. But then came the real jackpot – a whole Tolkeen Iron Juggernaut! I was taken aback! This thing would be priceless to the right buyers! But who would be the right buyers? The Splugorth? The Federation of Magic? I loved the thought of making money off this discovery, but if even half the legends were true about the creation of these things…

I made my decision right there. Screw the money and the repercussions. If the knowledge for the creation of these things had died with Tolkeen, then I would make sure it stayed dead. I couldn’t destroy the juggernaut itself but I could destroy everything about it which had been learned and recorded by whoever set this place up. I attacked and destroyed the computer mainframes which would have the data stored on it. In doing so, I triggered some sort of alarm that locked us in. While James and The Deacon panicked and failed to open the hatch up so we could escape, I cast a mystic portal through it to our freedom.

James got pretty upset at me over that. I don’t really know why, it’s not like we didn’t survive the experience significantly richer! Well, maybe only I will be significantly richer, if he’s going to cop that kind of attitude.

A ghoul accosted us the next night. We scared him away but he left behind a bag full of body parts. All of which were fresh, and many of which had rings which identified the parts as from various Tolkeen leadership. It seems someone who was collecting bounties didn’t live long enough to get paid for his work, and the ghoul found the magic bag containing all these parts and took it for himself. James decided to burn all the body parts that were in the bag, and then kept the bag. I did him the favor of cleansing it for him. After the small bonfire, I took the rings out of the ashes when they weren’t looking and pocketed them.

That brings me to the events of tonight. Our campsite was ambushed by a group of Psi-stalkers! I had taken to wearing one of the Deevil amulets, one which hides your true essence. Thank Time for that, too. The pack of wild human mutants descended on James like he was raw meat in a pool of starving piranhas. I hoped they would would just take their fill of his essence and leave him be, but it seemed they wouldn’t be satisfied with just feeding. They were there to kill. With reluctance I revealed myself to fend them off, and The Deacon had already done the same. We managed to get most of them, but the ones we missed fed on our creatures too. Graatch was okay, but James horse looked like it had provided them with an excellent feast.

I don’t know what destination lies ahead of us, but we’re making our way there.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 13

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