Journal - Trent - Entry 2

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So, where do I start? So much has happened in what’s been both a short time AND a long time!

Let’s see… the last time I wrote in here I was staring at an unconsious Coalition soldier that our mystery woman, Zeela, decided to save. When I finished writing I decided that I didn’t want to sit around there anymore. These people, these beings could deal with this as they saw fit. I had the amulet the solider was holding, and the people we were here to find weren’t here, so I decided to go ahead and leave and let them deal with this mess they created.

I stormed out (I didn’t feel like I was storming out at the time, but I guess in retrospect that’s what I did) and made my way cautiously to the Ley Line we could feel was nearby. I didn’t want to attract attention, but before I made my way to the next location I wanted to recharge my mystic arsenal and make sure I had a reserve of mystic energy.

Then Zeela showed up. She wanted to know what was bothering me and why I left. I verbally unloaded my frustrations on her. I knew something wasn’t right with her and she followed me without asking and I was angry that she was trying to save the life of a soldier who… Well, basically I was kind of an ass. I’d like to feel bad about it, but I know she was something more than human. And actually, after the other events which would occur later, I wonder if maybe making her leave wasn’t the best thing after all.

So yeah, she stormed away. Maybe she didn’t feel like she was storming off, or maybe she knew exactly what she was doing. Women are a mystery, and “women” like her are an even bigger one. And there are more than enough mysteries on my plate as it is. Long story short – she left, and I haven’t seen her in months.

It’s funny to say that. Temporal grammar and jokes are amusing to me. In my chronology, it’s only been a day or two since I laid into her, yet in her chronology, it’s been over four months! But I’m getting ahead of myself. There’s so much, I have to write it in order (based on my chronology) so I can try to keep it all straight.

I was at the Ley Line? Well, near enough anyway, and in hiding. I have to admit, I did re-visit my argument with Zeela after an hour or two. I re-watched it to see if I could notice anything during the argument which I may have missed while I was causing it. I thought I could see what looked like one or two tattoos on her, but I couldn’t see enough detail. I wish that was still my biggest mystery.

I spent the night recharging my gear, my own energies and I was pleasantly surprised that my idea with the mystic energy storage worked! By now it was morning, but I felt ready to continue on. I thought briefly about going back to the apartment, but decided to just press on and at least scope out the other location we needed to visit.

Now Tolkeen was still very much a war zone. Buildings were toppled and/or burning. There was rubble everywhere. There were monsters roaming in packs or singly, and there were all manner of people and beings still clashing all around here. I don’t know if it was my skill at avoiding Coalition patrols from back in the ’Burbs with Lars, or if it was just dumb luck, but I managed to avoid any contact with any of that stuff as I made my way.

When I reached the location I saw the ruins of a school. I also found an exposed tunnel that looked like it could have been the secret entrance to one of the great libraries of Tolkeen, and presumably where the missing woman and girl were. I didn’t have much hope of finding them alive after seeing that, but I could still collect a reward if I could find their bodies and bring back personal effects which identified them. Plus, the library! What could I learn in there, if anything was left?

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Journal - Trent - Entry 2

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