Journal - Trent - Entry 32

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The last few days have been dizzying, but now I’ve met back up with my companions and we’re resting again at the Hanging Gardens. Pall Mall isn’t here, though. He disappeared into a Time Hole in order to get more accomplished.

Heh heh. A time hole. Such a classic move. But I guess he doesn’t know anything better, so who am I to judge? If I keep holding him to my standards then of course he’s always going to come up lacking.

Still, just the thought that he considered that a sufficient move made me smile. He is so arrogant for one who knows so little.

McGreggor started up about that anti-matter pool and how he wished he had materials he could use to create a containment vessel in order to sample some of it. I guess he didn’t think mud and sticks would do it, so I offered him my old space suit – I thought, hey, it’s better than mud and sticks. He was positively ecstatic! He asked me if Jescha and I could help him and I thought, oh boy.

Jescha was cool to me, but willing to see about helping him with his science project since she had nothing else to do. Speaking of the anti-matter, I’ve already figured out how I can address getting it off of this planet and removing that threat – maybe then the Chaos Demons will leave? I can only hope.

Pall Mall returned empowered with magical energy spheres, and we headed off to the anti-matter pool. Along the way we encountered a madman holding what appeared… I kid you not, it appeared to be an undead mechanical chicken. This man was babling gibberish in front of a portal that looked like a smaller version of the same one that took us to this place.

Science time!

Experiments are the root of the scientific method. I began casting the spell I believed I had worked out, which would prevent any time warping effects from occuring until the spell had ran its full duration. It took a few seconds of course, during which McGreggor decided to smash the man so hard with his hammer that he splattered everywhere! The thing which was sending its tentacles through the portal didn’t like that, and neither did his chicken. But most importantly, when my spell went off the portal was forced closed, severing the tentacles!


Jescha gave me her “I told you so” stare after what McGreggor did, so I kept my enthusiam to a minimum. I went to go pick off the chicken but Pall Mall asked me not to. I didn’t really care either way. I do wonder what he thinks he’s going to do with the severed tentacles. I can only hope it won’t end well for him.

The anti-matter comet was a bit nerve-wracking. I was placing my trust in this crazy dinosaur-man, trusting that when I used magic to transfer some anti-matter into my old spacesuit helmet it wasn’t going to explode. I took a deep breath and did it.

Success! Again!

I took the helmet from him and placed it in a slow-time pocket in order to preserve the energy life of the e-clips powering the electro-magnets. Then I spent some time syphoning all the rest of the anti-matter into a dimensional envelope in order to get it off the planet. In the void left behind, we found a bunch of metal lining the walls. Several of us grabbed enough of the metal to make a few swords or other items out of, back at a forge or someplace like that. I just happen to know a metalsmith who is ALSO an Alchemist! Well, in training, but still – I wonder what he’d think of this stuff? I wonder what he’d be able to DO with this stuff!

I’m making this note now, so I don’t forget to get in touch with Tyvernos once I return.

Then we went to see one of the other areas noted on the celestial map. I wish Jescha were talking to me, she could probably tell me the significance of the constellations noting all these locations. I think Pall Mall could too, but he’s got that look in his eyes – treasure fever. He’s treating this as some sort of treasure map. Which maybe it is – who knows? I don’t.

I do know the cities near where we were led were all destroyed, overrun with demons. The next closest cities were in a state of phase. Half in this world and half in another. I’d heard of this effect before, but this was my first time (that I remember) seeing it. These phased cities were full of Demons, and we decided to just move on.

The group moved on to the dead sea and we started looking around. McGreggor decided to plumb its depths and while he did that, Pall Mall and Steve took off! No thank you, I’m not going to hang around here with Pall Mall on the loose and out of sight. I grabbed Jescha and we took off to a dimensional space, where we’re now resting.

I’ve also apologized to Jescha. I can’t stand how we’ve been ever since our conversation the other day. She’s still acting aloof, but hopefully we can move past this. I need her help in order to try and make sense of this impossible place.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 32

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