Journal - Trent - Entry 5

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Time was slowed inside that prison to the point that every minute spent in there was about a week in the “real world”. How different was the world now? Has the Coalition overrun and controlled the city of Tolkeen completely? Could we even still get paid? It seemed the Coalition hadn’t found this library yet, that was at least a small relief. All these thoughts ran through my mind, and more. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the jumbled mess this has turned into.

Pall was the first to realize the book which was dropped by The Deacon had gone missing! It seemed that someone had come here while we were in the slow-time prison, taken the book, and left. I never got a chance to really see it, but Pall did and seemed to think it was a very important book. At this point it seemed the least of our problems though.

I asked Pall if he could psychically learn anything from the amulet I had taken from the apartment, but he was tired from all the magical and mental exertion we had gone through for the last day and a half. Or the last seventeen weeks, if you wanted to look at it that way. He sat to meditate for a few hours and The Deacon and I looked around while he did that. I found a couple books I hope to read through in the near future – they seemed promising. I also found the dead body of another mercenary we had met back in the refugee camp – his death seemed more recent, and because it was more recent it puzzles me greatly.

I once met a death mage who said he knew a spell that, when used on a dead body, allowed him to see the moments which lead up to the death of the deceased as if he was personally there! Of course, he preferred to use it to watch the murders he performed from “another perspective.” The circumastances are different, but I certainly found myself wishing that was a spell I had learned! It goes on the list for now, but I couldn’t discern any other info. As I kept looking around though, I found the woman and child we were sent to find amongst the dead! Again!

I brought their bodies back to where Pall was meditating (after “lightening” them of their valuables). Once Pall was ready he psychically checked out the amulet, and got images showing the demonic creature which was killed in the apartment accepting the amulet from someone, and that same someone also working on the amulet in a modern lab, and the same demon being furious at the man. All in all, we got enough information to make me believe these creatures should stay in the prison, and we should not let them keep these amulets.

Pall and I let The Deacon know we’d be gone for almost a day and quickly stepped into the room to remove the amulets and leave – just a few seconds’ of time for us. I nearly forgot about my cloak (a gift from Jescha!) and took another second or two to pull it from around the “girl,” dumping her roughly onto the floor as it unwrapped from her. Then Pall and I left, and I hope we didn’t leave anything behind. I’ve since checked my cloak and noticed it has some tears and missing cloth. If I believed in the benevolence of gods I would pray that none of the cloak was left behind with them.

After exiting the room Pall locked it again with the keypad. The Deacon was there, but we never got to ask him what he did for the past day we were gone. Pall and I stored up on magical power from the underground ley-line and Pall opened us a rift to a location near where the refugee camp used to be. We took the bodies of the real woman and child and left behind the library and those locked up creatures, but I hope someday to be able to return and spend some time going through the books which we left behind.

Pall found where the refugee camp was now, and summoned us a griffon to take us there! We landed outside the camp and made plans to find the person who hired us, and get paid.

So what did all this actually mean? I still don’t know. Did these creatures come in the library, kill everyone, intend to take the place of this mother and child, run afoul of a being with Temporal powers, lose and get locked away? Locked away in a prison where the code to open it was kept in a safe/prison in the apartment of the father, who was the person who suppossedly hired us?! That same apartment where an entire Coalition squad was killed by a demonic creature that used to wear one of the amulets I now have in a temporal bag? What was the purpose of those amulets? What have I gotten myself into here?

Maybe if we manage to find the person who coordinated this job, we can meet the father/husband who authorized the job and get some answers? I guess it’s time to find out.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 5

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