The House of Gary


One of only 2 off shore Houses left in the human society of our world, the House of Gary stands strong, far off in the ocean where the machines dare not venture. Though all but 2 of the major houses are underground do to the machines control of the surface, the House of Gary has stood for generations as a major training facility for some of the most elite fighters for the human resistance. Do to its remote location in the middle of the ocean, it remains one of the most untouched and peaceful human civilizations on the planet. Many have tried to seek refuge here, but despite Gary’s genuine concern for his fellow man, he believes it must not be over saturated with people who may hamper the continued production of soldiers. He believes his House is a crucial part of their success against the machines and therefore cannot be changed from its primary duty to train. Most of the other houses have continued to show disdain towards Gary for this, but that’s as far as it goes since most of the Dreadguard taught here get sent to other houses closer to the battle fronts with the machines.

Due to much of Gary’s old country upbringing through his family’s decades of rule here, 90% of the populous is subject to arranged marriage if they do not find a mate on their own as a teen. The human race must continue to grow and the House of Gary loves all the procreation it can get to continue strict training as soon as children come to age.

Though its populous is minor in comparison to the Great House of The Barren Marsh, it still houses 10,000 humans at any given time. Most of which are above ground, however, there is a community of common folk, servants, and children that reside in the underground caverns of the land mass as well.

70% Dreadguard
- Engineers ( 15 Total )
- Librarians ( 5 Total )
1% Archangels
1% Saints
2% Biotics
5% Outriders
1% Technojackers
20% Non-Combatants

The House of Gary

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