A Prison for a Villian

5 white light sun edEverything was white, a numbing sonic element everywhere. The sound was indiscernible, ambient and piercing. As his consciousness took over, the sound, along with the white, began to fade in short order. The milky white expanse was replaced by the colors of auburn fading from a brilliant blazing orange into a blue and purple mixture any master painter would be proud of. He thought of one of his recent companion’s art skill. Animating itself into view, Pall Mall observed a seagull, floating majestically on pillows of air, effortlessly keeping it aloft. He heard a swishing sound and felt the saltiness of the ocean on his lips, which were dehydrated and frail from fatigue and exposure.


He lifted his head and began to tread water. He looked around with his keen hawk like vision and observed almost a total expanse of brilliant tropical sea meeting the sunset lit sky in nearly every direction. The water, even at sunset, was an amazingly clear swatch of clear blue and the sky went on seemingly for eons. The only exception to this view was a small spec just inside of the horizon. Looking closer he determined that it was an island – or at least a floating something big enough for him to take a rest and get his baring’s. He swam for what seemed like forever and for some time only heard the rhythm of his own breathing and swimming strokes.

Suddenly he heard the most beautiful sound, as if angels calling him. He decided this was excellent and did everything he could to determine the direction from which the chorus was coming. Lending his ear to the right and to the left and straight ahead he stretched his perception to its fullest extent and could only surmise that the sound was coming from no particular direction other than the island. So towards it he swam, resuming his steady rhythm, and hoping that this torturous exercise would cease as soon as possible. He was not used to working so hard and decided right then and there that the next spell he would learn would be Summon Sea Serpent. His only hope was that the shore would give him some idea of where the hell he was, and more importantly WHY he was in this strange place.

Beach at night b

After several more minutes of exertion, he reached the shore. The waves, at last, washed over only his ankles, the firmness of actual sand and beach keeping the rest of his body out of the oceans deadly grasp. He looked around and saw palm trees, coconut trees and birds feasting on some form of aquatic delicacy. Pall Mall took his time getting his bearings on the beach and caught his breath. He gathered wood for a fire, as by this time it was nearly dark and the breeze from the ocean was a bit uncomfortable for his liking. A fire would do nicely. A quick gesticulation and the vocalization of the magic words and poof nothing. Ignite fire did’t work? Pall opened himself to this place and tried to feel for his most precious life blood – PPE – and felt none. He knew right then that there would be no fire tonight. He was cut off from the PPE stream. His magic was impotent here. It was a lonely and depressing first night.

A Prison for a Villian

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