Back at Base...

Takes place during Babylon, and post Madhaven

“You did WHAT?!” Wibbley shouted as he hurled a piston at Bastion. Diving out of the way, Bastion shouted back “I KNEW you wouldn’t understand! I had a good tip!”
“Clearly it wasn’t good enough! That money was to be used to buy the power supply for the Hawk!”
Suddenly, a female voice could be heard over the commotion, “WIBBLEY! BASTION! I literally JUST organized all that equipment! So help me Habblar, if any of that stuff is not back in its place….”
The two men ceased and winced at hearing Bex yell. They’d faced her wrath before and they weren’t able to sleep for a week afterward, so they began to pick up the mess they’d created.
“Now look what you’ve done!” whispered Bastion
“Me, this is all your fault!” grumbled Wibbley
“I can still hear you!” shouted Bex

Just as things began to settle down in the shop, a menacing dark figure appeared in the hangar entrance.

“Bossman! Where do you want this thing it boomed with a metallic reverberation. “What are you wearing?” Bex asked as she flipped up her welding mask. “Right over here on Platform 2 Mikael.” Bastion replied excitedly.
“You mean to tell me you wasted MORE than a million credits on your trip?” asked Wibbley, clearly exasperated.
“I got it on sale. The previous owner went missing and the bank took possession of it when payments ceased. So they sold it off on an auction. And besides, I used the money that went unclaimed by that Hawk guy we sent into Madhaven. Lois said she was pretty sure he tried to kill her and Zander noted that at the first chance he got he took a Rift to Egypt, so I reinvested the money in this thing!” Wibbley gave him a skeptical look.
“Here, watch! Mikeal, shoot this bolt when I throw it up into the air.”
“You got it Bossman!”
Bastion threw the bolt as high as he could, the suit turned and flawlessly turned it into slag. “This thing almost aims itself!” came the metallic boom from the suit. “I barely had to touch the controls, it’s like it has a mind of its own!”
Bex approached the Demonic suit apprehensively and touched it. Seemingly started, she pulled her hand back and look at it, and then touched it again and closed her eyes as she concentrated. “What’s the matter Bex?” Asked Wibbley as he approached her. “There is…nothing…nothing to connect to.” “How very odd, who did you say is the manufacturer?” asked Wibbley. “Angrar Industries… I’ve never heard of them before though. Must be a new start up, but I must say I am impressed” said Bastion. “Hmm…well,” Wibbley said, “Put it on the platform and cover it up for now. This seems awfully fishy but I don’t have time right now to deal with it.”

A few weeks pass and the suit remains largely ignored and looked over, as if cloaked in a shadow, waiting, lurking


Back at Base...

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