Bibliotheca of Deacon

The Order of Diaconates maintains a collection of all documents referencing the actions of The Deacon.

The Dallas Winter Letters:
- “All My Love”

Accounts of Adventures

- el Diácono

The Haunting of Lester
In which the Deacon finds himself in the town of Lester, NM – Home of the Spirit Walkers.

Night of the Scromble
In which the Deacon returns the wretched Scromble to it’s grave.

The deacon is faced with a tough decision; save the town or save their souls.

Vampire Funeral
In which the Deacon shines some light on the situation in Wichita, KS

Black Tar
In the tar pits of San Franciso, nothing is supposed to come out….

Bibliotheca of Deacon

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