Book of James

My name is James.

I have stolen princesses back from sleeping burrow kings. i have helped burn down the demon city of Calgary. i fought in the Arena and won before most even get a chance to fight. I have spent the night with Hel and left with both my life and sanity. I have walked at night where most beings fear to speak of during the day. I have talked to gods, loved women and slain evil.

You may have heard of me.

My friend Trent Logan has told em of his journals and has encouraged me to do something similar. So i am here to tell you. i might as well start at the beginning.

The first time i met my traveling companions is when i was helping the refugees fleeing Tolkeen. I was there at the behest of my father to see what the Coalition was doing. While scouting for food 3 people appeared before me. The first one i talked with was named the Deacon. he kept talking about him serving God. When pressed about which God he said the one God. He seemed rather off to me. The other two where names Pall mall(i will get back to him later) and Trent Logan.

After a brief introduction i helped them to the refugee camp where they had business. once there we had an encounter with a man named Soloman Kane. the other had met him before but this was a first for me. He was searching for an object. Some how we got roped into chasing after him. On our way we ran into xiticix, the mad god mumu and a Dyvel.

this is where things get strange…when we reached the outskirts fot he Demon city of Calgery..ya fore we blew it up..twice.
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Book of James

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