book of james 12

why does this shit always happen to me?!?! im pretty sure its all pall malls fault! we get out from ther carnival and trent jots off on one of his retreats. so that just leave heldamn, zander and myself. we appeared on the outskirts of a huge battle. its actully larger then what we encountered in winslow. we spotted a huge castle on an overlook and figured best bet was to get up there for least scouting purposes. upon getting to the top qwe came to a castle. we being the morons we are said sure lets head in. we where met by an old butler who said he would lead us to the master and that qwe where expected. i was kinda shocked to hear the last part. both zander and heldamn went wandering off and i just followed the guy. finally we all regrouped at the study..i swear this old man was moving so slow i thought i would die of old age!

in the study was a beared guy Rasputin s curse ss1 b mac 8165 en
he said his name was Rasputin the godling! the same guy we where looking for. we noticed 3 things

1. he was clearly insane.
2. he had a ribe that looked much like the one baaz had
3. he kept reffering to a chess board as a map.

zander sat down and beat him in chess. rasp didnt like that much. he forced me and zander to play some strange card game called magic the gathering…i lost..course i barely knew the rules so go figure…but the next part…thats where i excelled! rasp had called his goons and demons in to fight us. first thing i did was use my last tailsmen of magical adrenal rush. (note: have trent make me another one of those) so we did a quick buff and what happens..i get stuck! fucking carpet of adhesion.! the plus side with my ascension im able to throw up a tk force feild to block..and good thing too since this one asshole kept throwing choas blasts at me! i tried to use some offensive pscionics but to no anvil

we where having a tough time until heldamn got a lil wise and expelled demons then negated magic on the carpet. then i was turned loose. 2 stikes and the choas blasting guy was out, 4 more huge strikes and the raging bull wasnt having a good day. i felt it..pure fury! the power rushing through my body! the joy of cambat once again running in my blood! it was Ecstasy!!!

then rasp had to ruin it and cast anit magic cloud. heldamn got us out with a quick teleport. we regrouped and i came down off my adrienal rush. once i had recovered a lil bit we rushed back in! we ran full tilt and first thing i did was paralyze the truck hitting mother fucker…but not before he hit zander…i think i saw half his jaw fly across the room…
rasp cast carpet on all of us and stgarted casting a huge spell..thats when i got a bright idea..THROW A HUGE FUCKING AXE AT HIS FACE! well…i am the god of last resorts and second chances…so guess this kinda lives up to it as it struck him full force in the chest..and killed him.

we revived zander and i went over to get my axe and used my last bit os isp to pivk up raps robes before heldamn could scoop it up..this one im keeping out of his hands!

book of james 12

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