Book of James 3 we are at Calgary. The demon city. A wretched hive of scum and villainy. Pall mall fit in fine. the rest of us? not so much. the first order of business was to get in. Me and pall mall went in first to scout in the place. this is the first time he attempted to sell me. After visiting the Twats and Shots bar we learned that it wasnt really a bad place. it had slaves and such but if you where strong ya where allowed to walk free..even human looking people like me! pity i decided to hide myself as a wolfen. Yes i know what you are thinking. im not a shape changer. see Trent has these little gems that allows who ever wears them to meta morph themselves! this is not the last time this would come into play either.

So after no real trouble at the bare we decided to go to the Valhalla. This was a bar/hotel/arena all in one. i ended up in the slave pens thanks to pall mall. but while i was there i learned a couple of important things. wasnt till Trent came and got me later that i was able to rejoin them. we then got itno a fight with the bartender who happened to be a swooki in disguise. apparently he had beef with Pall mall..not that i blame him. but his goons attacked me so i attacked him back..and nearly killed him. i think it was at this point that the others started realizing i wasnt really human.

After the fight pall mall and trent went there separate ways for a little bit and i kinda stayed and watched the arena. some of the fights where interesting. Finally the other came back and pall brought a new friend..a dinosaur looking guy names Macgreggor..we would curse him many a time. At any rate the nights big fight was about to start! and who should the match be between? Mamers and Phobos Vs Aries!!! i nearly shit myself! but alas it was only the tattooed man who went by the name aries. Mamers seemed uninterested and left. Phobos how ever fought. after a good match Phobos was the victor. Thats when i got a funny idea..and also my start at fame. I jumped down and lost my head a little. one thrust and Apple was lodged firmly in the godlings neck. i mention hes a godling? yeah..a lot more powerful then me..well for the moment.

Brief insert. Apple is my Rune Sword. Her full name is (left blank on purpose). anyways long story short zues did some mind tampering on me, made me forget, phobos reminded me..bam sword to neck.

Im not sure how to explain what happened next. i went to have a small chat with zues, confided some thing in Trent and then we all took a few hours to go our own ways again. scout the city more. this is when i entered the Bite club. another arena in the city with some rules. Tylor Burden seemed to like the cut of my jib. oh yeah..ya might have seen me fight there. but thats again later on. so we all meet back up. and we found a dyvel army amassing under the city! also we found my aunt Athena fighting them! i think Kane was there…things kinda get hazy here. but now the part ya all been waiting for!

WE BLEW UP CALGARY!!!! well actuality it was macgreggor and a make shift nuclear weapon! needless to say…we ran like hell. in the choas we met a guy named steve. he helped me retrieve the body of my aunt and the body of kane. and in case you missed it..i said body of Athena…as in she was dead! slain by the object of power i was looking for..or least one of them. the plus side we where able to recover the object. so not only did we destroy half a city, blow up a super nexus(which we actually didnt do till later.) but where in possession of an object that at least 4 factions are after! Also this is where thing get really weird..and as Trent says “there no fucking way this is possible!!!” heh..i like it when hes proven wrong. gives me a sick joy inside.

Book of James 3

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