book of james 5

So … where did i leave off? bloody hell its had to remember so much. how does Trent do it? i always see him writing crap down when he thinks the rest of us are sleeping. its kinda funny that he doesn’t notice me. mr wizard isnt as great as he thinks he is some times. oh yeah..that remind me of the time we went back in time! He said it wasnt possible but again..he was wrong!

so 1 month passes we all get back together and take a look at this object of power we now have. Trents got his girlfriend with him, the new guy steve seems cool, macG is wearing leather and pall mall is still an ass. Trent shows us the true form of the object. turns out we werent even looking at it right as it was vibrating at a high rate of speed. i asked apple to touch it…next thing i know i got her screaming at me like shes on the rag. Trents new girl(jesha her name is) grabbed thing we know a portal is in front of us and so..we like idiots step in.

we ended up in the dessert of all places! 7 of us. myself, trent pallmall his Valkyrie, stsve, macG and jesha..and some naked guy. naked guy doesnt speak. he just kinda gets up..looks around and starts walking. we idiots…follow him. we come to this huge city. guards are speaking nonsense, were speaking nonsense we threaten them they threaten us..we some how get in. naked guy just kinda walked in and no one batted an eye lash.

he leads us to this temple, we get into a fight yada yada yada..find naked dead girl, find throne room, i get possessed by a magic crown, speak to entity in crown, she knows baz, says hes saving the world, we let her loose inside another body, macG breaks things, i follow macG, and yeah…this is where shit gets weird and we meet mumu…for the first time for the last time…again.


fuck this im going to bed. its cold up here on the roof of this truck…i would sleep inside but im afraid pall mall will try and sell me…also zander kinda creeps me out..maybe ill talk to trent about the locket….i think after the whole arrow in the cave thing i should remove it cuz i get the feeling im gonna be meeting Orion soon…might wanna tell trent bout that too..

book of james 5

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