Book of james 9

so im skipping a head here. im sure you all want to hear about how we got back from ancient times, what happened when we returned, my now legendary fight with phobos and of course the 2nd doom of Calgary. but i feel i must skip that for the moment before my words lose them selves.

so it was our..4th day out in the russian wilderness when we stopped by a small gypsies village. they seems to lack food. i offered them some chocolate. i realized this wasnt enough so i decided to help. using my skills i killed a large elk with my bare one seemed impressed…im kinda disappointed. magnus said these people where werewolves and that he wanted to be gone by dark. maybe one day ill return to help them more…

so day after this we came upon a temple..even more surprising a Greek/Egyptian temple!!! it was a temple to Serapis one of the lesser known gods. he was kinda a hack..he was an attempt to bring the greek and egyption pantheons together..didnt really work out too well from what i understand. anyways we started hearing vopices in our heads saying “ us..let us hel ypou” the caravan was entranced. i managed to get ahead of them and convinced magnus to let me and trent go in first. he agreed.

so trent and i went in and saw a bunch of rune lbunch i mean 100s! one in perticular cought my eye..i would have picked it up but then i relized it was kinda evil. so me and trent walked around. it was kinda freaky seeing rune weapons in what appeared to be hot springs…

then i got a bright idea..i pullked out apple..and the dragons eye gem. well i noticed 2 things. 1 all the rune weapons had elf or dwarf forms..2..i was now holding apples legs and starring straight up her vagoo! i put her down and took it in..this was the first time i ever saw her in her human form…good thing trent was too stunned to see the look on my face. i mean..ive seen hot girls before..plenty of time but blew them all away.

then i was apple…and shes a bitch! the first thing she does…start btiching at me! for no reason! she starts talking to trent so fuck her! i went to look at the iother weapons…which bring us to entry 10..aka…IM BACK BITCHES!

Book of james 9

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