Book of james interlude

*recorded in the bite club lounge"

?:“so you must be the great james..”


?:“ive heard quit a lot about you”

James:“oh really?”

?:“the night walker. who glides through oceans of blood. beyond human. a monster whos power radiates with a darkness that casts a shadow on darkness itself!”

James:“oh you dirty bitch work the shaft!”

?:“excuse you…”

James:"im sorry i like to dirty talk when someones sucking my dick

?:“perhaps i should just skip to my point…my name is luc valintine..”

James:" and im carmon san diego! guess where i am!"

Luc:“im trying to have a serious conversation with you here….”

James:"so am i..and im failing. and im sorry for that. its just that im so agitated. because this blonde little shit just strolled into my room, destroyed my 70 inch plasma tv and is trying to impress me lime im his alcoholic father! "

weapons are drawn and james sword ends on Lucs neck

James:" be a sport and get daddy another beer would you"

Book of james interlude

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