cahpter 13

here it is..lucky # 13 and its kinda unlucky for us! so much has happened. starting with we got the portal in russia down. Trent came up with a great idea and it actually worked for once! we also got our hands on the gem array! so after we collected our selves we all headed back to lazlo for a quick break. me and trent went and visited erin and got paid, i sent off some letters(ill post those else where) took the array to jenna who kinda screwed me over(not in a good way either)

we all met back up at pall malls..or is it helldamns..fucking body switchers. any rate we took out the dagger i had gotten in russia. we passed it around to see who would activate it..looks like it was zanders lucky day. portal opened we stepped in..and found ourselves in a norse village at the height of the plague! so we split up and explored.

i went to a christian church and talked to some \poeple. with apples help i cured some and they said they would spread my word…kinda felt good inside. the other told us about the tunnels under the temples to loki. so we went exploring there. i made a map! which didnt tell us anything..

so we grouped back up and went to another christian church…thats when things went south. we met a women outside who claimed her son had been taken by the church. we asked the nice man outside if he would let us in..he refused..we insited..i threw him into a door..and blew it up. he wasnt dead but helldamn walked up and stabbed him in the back! i held my anger in check for the moment and we walked in the church. here we where assulted by 8 knights. we dispached all but 4 including thier leader. helldamn wanted ti kill them but i convinced hum to just tie them up.

trent and zander came back and told us they had found the child. we decended in and me and helldamn once again took the front lines. we where doing fine and dandy till the CoA started to fly! we did manage to finally kill them all..but helldamn again went nuts and just started to kill the already defeated! i lost it AND ATTACKED HIM! hes really pissing me off. we once again had a stalemate as zander returned and broke itup. we ended up finding out the cause of the plauge was the incence in th burners all over town!

back in time

cahpter 13

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