Chapter 1: The Spaghetti Conundrum

My trip seems to have been successful and the suspicions were correct. The vibes are ALL out of whack up here. You see, time and space and fate and free will are all confusing concepts. It’s best to view it all as a … bowl of pasta. Everything is created straight and rigid. That’s Fate. Then you boil it up in a pot of hot water, get it all soft and bendy. That’s Space and Time. Finally you throw it all in a bowl and the once straight, rigid strands are now all intertwined and overlapping. That’s Free Will.

So now you’re getting ready to eat your pasta — you got your fork and your spoon, maybe some spicy meatballs and sauce, when you notice, not all these pastas are the same….in fact it appears that someone has slipped in some udon noodles, and you’re all like “udon is delicious as well, but it doesn’t belong in my pasta dish.” This is what I noticed after I woke up. Someone or something has been slipping us udons where pastas should be.

Enough about food, let’s talk about some of the wonderful people I’ve met since my return. Bastion is the guy who found my chamber and woke me up. He’s a lot of fun, and spends most of his time in the field with the rest of the crew procuring equipment from power armors to new hovercrafts for Wibbley and Bex to work on. They are psychic mechanics that are the backbone to Pyrewood Ops. They take all the junk Bastion brings in and make wonderful new or tuned up vehicles to sell. Wibbley is always a good time, especially at the bar, and while Bex can be quiet,once you get her talking about her projects she totally opens up. Just..don’t mess with her stuff. She HATES that.

The other members of the field team are Mikael,Gibraltar and Jericho Joe. Mikael is a Grackletooth who has a thing for heavy weapons. When he’s not in the field, he typically is moving things around the shop for the mechanics. He took me out shooting once to try out his new minigun and we both had a good laugh when the recoil sent me flying! Gibraltar is a sniper by trade and tends to keep to himself. I’ve at least gotten him to tell me that he’s originally from Australia and it sounds like it’s pretty rough there. Finally Jericho Joe is a Native American! Can you imagine my delight to learn their culture is still good and strong this far up here? He’s knows the land like no one else. We went out on 3 day trek once on horseback and he described how despite what happened to Earth, it survives and thrives with nature reclaiming what man had taken and destroyed. He couldn’t be more right.

Every once in a while Bastion and Wibbley talk of what seems to be a sort of test pilot named “McGreggor” but none of the other members have ever seen or heard of him. Apparently he’s been MIA for at least 6 month after taking out a weapons platform out on a trial run. Some think the test went awry and the ordnance exploded, but there is no evidence of a crash site within 100 miles. How far could he have gone? I hope I get to meet him someday.

After a couple months with Pyrewood, Bastion took me along on a job in Lazlo. He wanted to “build the brand” as he said. Due to the events that transpired, I can’t really get into what happened, but I can say the place I have found myself is amazing! The ley line energy pumping through the area is exhilarating and there is always some new D-Bee or creature I haven’t encountered before! Everyone has a story and I love to hear them. Some take more readily to my curiosity than others, but eventually everyone opens up, you just have to know their soft points.I told Bastion and company that I’m going to hang out with these new dudes for a while and then see the world a bit.

And now, your moment of zen:

A walk in Garden
Wrong is righted, peace returned
Impostor remains

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Chapter 1: The Spaghetti Conundrum

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