Chapter 10: Dimensional Phase Shift Analysis

I once was the proprietor of a small stand in a flea market. It was a short lived as the owner soon returned. That’s ok though, standing in a booth is not the sort of career I’m cut out for anyway.

In this market, I also acquired two chickens and two goats. I’m pretty sure I was cheated because what I paid for and what I received were very different. Oh, yes, I got two healthy and prime goats. As for the chickens, one had a beak, two wings, and feet and the other was a chicken. A good way to tell that “one of these is not like the others” is to notice the dimensional phase shift attributed to anyone that doesn’t harmonize with the place it is currently in. Like finding an udon in your spaghetti.

Clearly, this was a thing not from this world. Wings of a bat too small for flight, three razor sharp talons on it’s feet, several lizard-like tails in place of a plume, its body featherless and rippling with skin and muscle, arms with claws capable of picking things up, and in place of a beak…feelers like little tentacles. All normal attributes for what as known as a Cthik’n…and it was a long way from home. What was so startling about this one was that one eye was clearly bigger than the other. And it Stared at me. Why would this creature be here? Why was it pretending to be a normal chicken?

At first, I chalked it up to just a joke. We used to do these sort of scavenger hunts all them time. But then I noticed while the other animals did animal things, this one was seemed to be trying to tell me something by making a sort of “cthlucking” sound. The translator was having a hell of a time, but occasionally the noise would come through as a word or two. Out loud I said to it “You’re a General, so what?” The chicken smiled. This was no prank.

I picked it up and threw it into the dimensional pocket Doctor Trent had created for another reason. I also had him draw up a picture of what they look like. Be wary, travelers, of the Cthik’n.


And now, your moment of Zen:

Floating in the Void,
dead Cthik’n waits dreaming.
Invasion postponed.

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Chapter 10: Dimensional Phase Shift Analysis

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