chapter 11

So…after we got out of the now destroyed temple(thanks Trent!) we took a couple days to recover on the go. while i recovered and Trent asked a curious thing of me..he had asked me to teach him the art of sword fighting. seeing as he has helped me so much in the past i have agreed. hopefully he will be a good student…from the few hours ive taught him i wonder if i was ever that bad. anyways this should be fun.

moving forward we came upon..a hatch…yes..again. so what do we do? go inside! what do we find? more techno wizard stuff! helldamn kinda stole a lot of it..pity i have the manifest that details what everything is…maybe he would be willing to share..prob not..selfish prick that he is. he and pall mall both have that in common.

so leaving the hatch we come upon a purple portal. zander jumped in..i followed and foudn ourselve in a mad mad carnival! dont ask what anything does here cuz it barely made sense to me. all i know is that i found an arena. and who should want a crack? helldamn! i was more then happy. there where 2 parts to the fight. first was a joust. they had a ngihtmare for me to ride! pall mall unseated me though. a pity. but the came the sword and shield. apparently helldamn unlike pall mall can use sword very well. it took some time but i managed to win with my signature move. now this only stunned him..and im usally not one to take advantage of an stunned person..but fuck it..its called anger managment and i had a lot of anger at pall/helldamn! and punching him into unconsciousness was too much fun. but least when he wokle up he said he was glad i was on his side..hes right. so…few more things happened and we now find ourselves at Rasputin’s castle…


chapter 11

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