chapter 15

So im still alvie..which kind ofamazes me when you think about it. i just spent a half a night with Hel…

so before i get to that i should fill you all in. after we found the source of the plague trent showed back up with the baby. turns out the baby is actually a fragment of lokis soul. we contacted odin..all he rambled on about was helldamn hanging from a tree and being stabbed. i told odin i would be happy tostring him up and stab him.

moving along here. trent ND HELLDAMN WENT TO THE TEMPLE OF LOKI TO CONVINCE THEM THAT THE plague was caused by people and not the gods. i stayed behind at the church and talked to siggy(his name was too hard to remember) and talked to him about the stuff they where burning. he told us two years ago a arch oreist had told them to burn thie stuff and that the child would be born, and that it had to be killed. we dont know if this preist is human or maybe a deevil or demon but we know hes no real preist we managed to cinvince both siggy and the head priest of loki to help cleanse the town, we told them it was me doing it but it was rteally trent. we spent a few hours prepping everything then channeling ppe to trent and he clensed the town!

after we needed to recover. i should mention here that me and trent and visited the babies mother. she gave us a bag. we never bothered tooo look in it..stupid us. so as we where resting the night we had a knock on the door. a women with half her face covered. she told us we had something fit for a king and then left. being my dumb self i grabbed apple and followed.

trent and helldamn stayed in the room and talked over something bout baowolf anf grendal. i finally cought up to the lady with the mask. it took me a few min but then i figured out who it was so i called her name…Hel. she stopped dead in her tracks turned and asked wh oi was that woukd follow and call her name. i introduced myself and played her 3 question game, iwas tempted to take out the amulet i had taken off her dead body in excedrins cave. instead when she taunted me about making me hers one day i told her the next time we met she would be in a cave. i failed to mention she would be strung up like a stuck pig, we parted ways and i survived where most men would have died or been left insane.


chapter 15

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