chapter 17

So..this is where things go from bad to worse. Helldamn Spellshroud Trent Logan and Zander Frey all stayed at the entrance to the cave while i went in alone. using my godly skill of stealth i managed to get within a few 100 feet of where the creature Grendal was. as i got closer i could hear a female voice say that everything would be all right and that she would hurt those who hurt her son. i could only imagine that this was the creatures mother. i crept close..THEN ZANDER FUCKED EVERYTHING UP!!!

The guy comes flying in as a huge fucking ball of light..right into where the creature was sleeping! so instead of stealth im half blinded. then he comes back out at break neck speed..and brings Grendal with him! i tried to blend in but the creature had a great nose apparently cuz it said “fe fi fo fum i smell the bones of an English one” when the hell did it learn nursery rhymes! it grabbed for me but i managed to dodge the first and second attempt as well. Seeing i had no way out i attacked. i went for its arm first but to no anvil, i then cut out the fuckers eye! while it worked he started healing almost right away. i was also starting to wonder where the others where. least i got one great block in


So there i was half dead…my armors down…facing off against a creature that has instant regeneration when a portal opens and in flies some ball of..something…it was on fire and hit grendal right in the face. next comes helldamn and we do what we do best..rally and fuck shit up! the creature knew it was no match and started running and crying for his mother. helldamn chased after him and cut off his head. normally i would be against senseless killing but i think in this case it was more then justified due to the fact if left alive the creature would have killed more people.

so we moved into the lair of the creature and found an amplifying rock. i object read it and low and behold it was placed there but what appeared to be that damn pandemonium! always comes back to her lately…

chapter 17

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