chapter 18

Im hijacking this assholes book! My name is Appolyesties. you fine readers might know me as Apple since thats what this jack off keeps calling me. lazy bastard that he is. i should tell you about myself. i was born…honestly i dont remember. its been so long. Anyways i was created by Diminutive Bubble Fuzz and Hephaestus to help fight in the trojan war at the behest of Artemis. my original name was [blackened out]. i was originally a sacrifice for my father angering the goddess. yeah..the men in my life seem like real winners here. so…i was created by the gods to fight by the sides of the Achaeans. when that war ended i was put into what can only be called suspended animation. i wasnt aware of time passing. just knew that it had passed. im not sure why i was discarded. i guess only the gods know why. and they havent seen fit to tell me.

So..i wake up and its now some 5000 years later. Im awoken by Artemis herself to be given as a gift to her Nephew and ward James, Favored son of Apollo. the kid seems kinda skittish when i meet him. im really not sure if we will fit. We are sent to Africa to help a gathering of heros fight the horseman…and i have to shocked! Here was a boy so scared to leave his aunts breast that he actually cried when he was forced to leave, now transformed into a Angel of hope and death. He wielded me as none have before! with grace and speed we slew enemies of hope and good. with a single slash we sliced the darkness from the light. We where truly meant to be.

With the horseman defeated James decided we would follow the chang ku dragon to the phoenix empire and slay its ruler Ramna set. But it appeared the gods had other ideas. Apollo came and fetched his son to a meeting of the gods. Apparently the young ley line walker Katrina son who we had met a few times while fighting was actually the goddess Isis! Im kind of glad James only made one pass at her. the ladies man he is not. So the meeting. it was a gathering of the gods of light and darkness of the niles. the greeks, norse, mexican gods and other beings of both good and evil where there as observers and supporters. the nile gods wished once and for all to end their conflict. the terms where simple. a duel. one fighter from each side. poor fools…they never said it had to be of that pantheon. The gods of light where just. they chose anubis to be thier opponent. the gods of dark..choose james…

You have no idea dear reader how shocked everyone was. He wasnt even a god! just the son of one! outraged where the other gods of light! Apollo himself offered up to fight in his sons place. but the rules stated that set choose the opponent. Unfair as it was. i thought this would be the end. but then i remember how prideful the gods and goddess of the greek can be. a simple slight sparked wars all the time..this..this sparked rage. Zues did something noone ever expected..he gave james the power to fight Anubis one on one.


and epic battle to say the least. but the gods put an end to it. so anubis swore revenge, zues took the power and locked it away from james..and we are now here..him being a dick. well to be fair he just recently turned into a dick. when he got all his memories back it was diffrent..he was scared…when he regained his power..he did it to try and save my life. sigh…what am i going to do with this poor fool…i almost hate to admit is but i do love him. its strange saying that.

can you believe after all that instead of just saying sorry he refused to talk to me? hell he even let trent talk to me. i like trent..hes least civilized…if not somewhat of a pushy asshole. maybe ill take him as my new owner…hehe that would really piss this moron off. well…he sat outside a city all day for me…i guess i can cut him a little slack. plus saw inside his mind..he wants to make me like the scythe. what thye have dubbed living rune weapons., so that i can actually take a physical form and fight by his side. the lovely fool.

and now my lovely singing voice!

chapter 18

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