Chapter 7: To Be Fair

I once had the pleasure to attend a fair hosted by a particular subset of creatures known as “fairies”. Much has been written on them in my time and before about their penchant for pranks, tricks, and “fun”. While mostly true, these stories fail to capture the inherent “meanness” of their actions, but I do not mean to imply these creatures are evil. Quite the contrary, they have no concept of “good and evil” nor “kind and cruel”. Anything that would elicit a laugh given the misfortune of others is something they find the most amusing. True to their “fairy” name and their carnival, they do believe in karma and it may be one of their few redeeming qualities.

For the misfortunes suffered by their guests, they were compensated by being able to participate in “games” in which prizes ranging from t-shirts to rune items could be obtained. The games included such things as fishing for boons, fun houses with brain teasers, friendly combat arenas, and wheels of fortune. If you were willing to let them have their fun, they were willing to let you have yours.

Interestingly enough, while here I met two very special beings in glass jars at this particular carnival. One was Sebastian the flying turtle, whom I rescued from captivity and the other was Zelda the bottle fairy who was freed by the good Doctor Trent Logan. It was such a simple kindness at the time, and there was no way anyone could have predicted the repercussions of those fateful actions….

And now, your moment of Zen:

Heed my warning close
No good deed goes unpunished
Karma is a bitch

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Chapter 7: To Be Fair

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