(this takes place in Copenhagen while carrying the jewels from the blacksmith to the castle)

james: have been quiet lately

Apple: …..

James: are you mad? you seem mad?

Apple: ….

James: is it because of the god slayers?

Apple: fuck off

James: come on! i only had them to safe guard them! they are gone now!

Apple: for now sure when we get back the great and powerful god james will need a better weapon. so why not use an axe that makes you paranoid? or a hammer that spoils all your food and drink?

James: what…what are you talking about?

Apple: what? ya think i didnt speak with them? i learned about them you idiot! while they just made fun of me i was paying attention! which is more then i can say for you.


Apple: what? nothing to say? stop the presses! the world is ending! the great and almighty james is speechless for once in his life!

James: ya know youre being a bitch right?

Apple: … fuck off. im tired of youre shit! maybe when you actually start treating me with respect instead of some object ill be nicer!

James:what do you want from me?!? youre the one thing in this world i can actually count on! my friends? only one i consider friend is trent. and hes a condescending jackass! my mother and father are gone, i have a demented hunter trying to kill me, my pantheon is in shambles and the only 2 “gods” left are me and the god of fear! on top of that ive been tasked with saving all of reality. so yeah..tell can i please the princess?

Apple:just..leave me alone…


Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada ChristopherRichard