el Diácono

I don’t recall he ever mentioned his name…told us to just call him “The Deacon”. Quiet fellow I suppose. Spoke more with his actions than his words. He rode into town…oh, must be goin’ on a year now. He was lookin’ for someone by the name of Gustavo. Next mornin’ a man came running into our office claiming to be this Gustavo and beggin’ for ‘giveness.

I says, “’givness for what?”
To which Gustavo proceeded to list off every crime he committed, crimes so violent and obscene I’m not inclined to even mention them. It was at this moment a shadow filled the door of the office. Gustsvo, turned ’round and looked at the figure in the door with shear terror. “el Diácono!” was all he said before the bullet pierced his temple.

I will say this, I never seen the gun that shot Gustavo. Nor did i see the Deacon leave.

— Stanley Hutchisson, Deputy Sheriff of Blasko, AZ

el Diácono

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