What an interesting session on Saturday! I must say that I am shocked to shit. Widow is a big ol’ badass Weaver Demon antagonist who I specifically put in the Tower of Babel to challenge you guys to think outside the box. I wanted to really force you to rise to the occasion not with combat prowess but with some deductive reasoning, some insight, some creative, critical thinking and problem solving. And you guys blew my motherfucking mind…

with an accident of dumb luck. You killed my main antagonist. Bravo! All is still not well with the land, with the Demon Plague of Tongues, with the “naked man” etc. but now it won’t be too difficult to fit the menage a trois pieces (one dick, two pieces o’ pussy, how hard could that be?) back together. There are still seven outstanding side-plots and lots of treasure to be claimed. Right now only one of seven Easter Eggs have been found — by Pall Mall — and there’s a whole slew of destinations you have yet to explore…if you so desire. It’s your game. There’s no WRONG way to eat a Reese’s. Lots of different ways to skin this cat and I’m not looking for “specific” answers. There are mysteries available for the super-sleuths but you don’t “necessarily” have to solve them. They’re “available” if you want to partake. This Ancient Babylon play area is a big SANDBOX and you guys can make of it what you will. It’s my job to make sure you have plenty to do while you’re playing in that sandbox.

With Widow dead and the Pandemonium having impersonated her AND Trent having Retro-Viewed to know that the REAL Widow is dead — um, Carmen San Diego has left the building. The super-sleuthing detective work is basically over once you speak to Mummuu in the Hanging Gardens. Speaking of which, after almost TWENTY HOURS of gaming in Ancient Babylon could anyone have predicted that you would NOT go to the Hanging Gardens to see Mummuu by this point? I’m curious, I thought I left quite a few clues, hints, foreshadowing (Xiticix Hivelands), a DIRECT invitation by his future-self, etc.

I know you guys were kinda floundering and I feel badly because I don’t like to see you struggling and frustrated and really try to circumvent your feeling unproductive or like you’re not getting anywhere. I am VERY OPEN to constructive criticism and FEEDBACK of any kind — even NEGATIVE — about how I can better structure the game, outline the possibilities, and give you guys direction when you ask for it…without giving it all away.

So, next session will transpire on 2-9-13 and we will unfortunately be without Dave and Isaac. I’m sorry we couldn’t make the scheduling work and I know you guys will be sorely missed. Ahem, let me rephrase that — RETRO-VIEWING will be sorely missed. I hope that whoever takes up the mantle to write the SESSION ADVENTURE LOGNOT INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER JOURNAL — will enjoy the 1000xp bonus and do our absentee friends a great favour! I will do my best to “re-cap” the session and help whoever steps up to the plate with some details.

I want to thank Dave for making the late-night drive to catch the last half of the session in-person. He arrived at eight and left at twelve. Wow! Maybe he can give us a little insight into how the Skype addition compares to the live session. Improvements? Constructive criticism? Feedback?

We’re going to try something new: YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF FOR MVP. Please send me your votes for MVPONLY. YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR RUNNER-UP. The runner up will be determined by the person who gets the second-most votes for MVP.


On your way out of the city you encountered the Gates of Ishtar — one of the seven wonders of the ancient world…along with the hanging gardens of babylon and the walls of the city of babylon. Dave mystic portaled through it and Steve aerial lifted the rest over it. They made their ways to the Tower of Babel where their arrival coincided with Pall Mall and Bathsheba (biblical) and with McGreggor. You guys went in and started exploring while McG cased the joint for weak spots with his Demolitions. You went inside and up and almost lit every cobweb in the place on fire. Thank you someone for disabusing the ranger of that notion. McG proceeded to scale the outside of the tower. James followed him upward. The rest went up inside the Tower and met Widow. She recognized you as DIFFERENT from her usual visitors and suitors, made a few comments and jokes about her difficulties with men, asked you to help her and prevailed upon your sense of justice and goodness. She even offered you a very vague…nebulous…reward. Anyway, Pall Mall resisted her feminine wiles and charm and wore out your welcome…but she allowed you unhindered access to the upper regions of the tower before you left and promised you safe-passage so long as you didn’t linger / return. McGreggor and James encountered multiple tiers of the tower levels that were McDonalds ball-pit sized, chest-level tanks filled to the brim with writhing, lively human tongues. McG bit into one and it tasted like chicken. Pall put a bunch of them in his DimPocket. McG and James went to the top of the Tower through the roiling blackness and oppressive heat and FATIGUE BLACK CLOUDS - into a seemingly empty room where they saw the god Marduk inside of an illusion inside of another illusion (Pall Mall had only seen the double-layered illusion once before but had anyone else? It was done in a specific area by a specific person) - the artist formerly known as Ishtar — bleeding from the mouth where her tongue was ripped out. Pressure plate on the floor, smash a hole in the floor. McG, Steve, and James went down the central chamber and into the spider nest where they encountered a Pandemonium morphed into Sonja strung up and being tortured in the spider web. A Mini-cooper sized spider — a Widow Wife and 6 Widowlings and our three combat monkies have a harrowing experience with some eight-legged freaks.

Fast-forward, Widow is felt hauling ass toward Etemenanki — the ZIGGURAT — people are teleported (thank you scrollmaster!) to the Ziggurat in no time and the sacrificial altar is JIGGA-RIGGED into functionality and James cuts himself to begin the process. Blood drips onto the Naked Man’s head from the runnels channeling the liquid from the altar to the throne. At some point you guys notice the celestial cartography is DIFFERENT. Time has indeed passed. The trent illusion is STILL IN EFFECT even though tongues on the naked man is NOT. Trent cleverly deduces the EXACT SAME EFFECT as the Library at Tolkeen — cross the threshhold and effect ends. Time is passing differently. Trent makes a new map to compare the differences, the naked man is little livelier this time around and the blood seems to have provoked more emotion and interaction from him…even if his memory still is affected by AMNESIA. The naked man sees Ishtar and weeps openly, Pall makes a comment about fucking her and nearly dies to a jealous man…until his silvertongued retort ACTUALLY SOOTHES the man by commiserating with him and he claps the sowki on the shoulder and sighs. Go Pall! Steve goes for an aerial scouting session, Widow is basically upon you, she breaches the throne room and everyone vacates the premises, lots of banging and explosions transpire and she fights with the naked man until a silent psionic scream signifies the end of the fight. The entire throne room is in shambles, the ceiling has collapsed, the bodies of the Pandemonium and Bathsheba and Ishtar are in the rubble along with the Naked Man. BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL busts out of every corridor and orifice like a neon blue latticework of psychic energy — looks EXACTLY like it did back at the library of Tolkeen…and the Xiticix Hivelands. Trent retro-views the fuck out of my plot device. The game session basically ends.

Did I miss anything? Can’t wait to see the Adventure Log and INDIVIDUAL CHARACTER JOURNALS. You told me that this would be a perfect place to stop so that next session could resume with your going to the Hanging Gardens and seeing Mummuu.

Hope you guys enjoy your few weeks off. Oh! I FORGOT! The session AFTER next will NOT be on the 23rd because Paola and I are going to see MARDUK and MOONSPELL in concert at the Gramercy in manhattan. When we meet on FEBRUARY 9th for the next session we will discuss contingency dates for alternate session — perhaps a Valentine’s Weekend session. Start thinking about your calendars folks!



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