Well guys that’s officially the most experience I’ve ever awarded in one session…like, EVER! What an incredibly productive game.

We started the night at the Ziggurat and did a couple of general housekeeping things like “confirming” the fact that Pall Mall saw Widow’s massive arachnid body at the bottom of the shaft that she rose up to confront the naked man. We traveled over to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon where we took some time to explore the area, setup camp, and rested for eight almost uninterrupted hours. At one point you guys heard a blood-curdling screech but were unable to locate its point of origin. Sir Altinius located a smoke / ventilation stack that breached a sidewall and diffused the forge exhaust to a point where it was almost imperceptible to the eye…but on a nat 20 from the hawk-like vision of the…erm, hawk…you found it! McGreggor eye-balled the junction box and conduit while Pall Mall metamorphosed into first a snake and then a sparrow and traveled down the pipe (which was ascending) until he could go no further. The flames didn’t dissuade him with his invulnerability but a mystical barrier prevented his further passage. He returned to the group and you guys went up to the tower. You eventually unearthed an illusory key pad when pall mall produced the ACTUAL FLESH inscription he had gotten almost a YEAR earlier (in game time — 6 months from the library and 3 months from the advance time for the end of the prologue). He keyed in the code and then sent Sir Altinius in first like a good pet owner. When you guys stepped through the now ACTIVE mystic portal Sir Altinius, Pall Mall’s familiar was nowhere to be found. What you did see, however, were a Kydian and a Kittani — two notably Splugorthian servants — and they were intruded upon by a Conservator in an apron with four arms holding a tray of cookies. This poor disgusting bug-eyed gray beast was so taken aback by your presence she actually dropped the tray of cookies! NEVER FEAR!!! MACGREGGOR THE COOKIE-MONSTER IS HERE!!!! The dino somersaulted like a circus monkey to the rescue whereupon landing he fell to the floor with a failed roll but STILL managed to salvage a few of the cookies with a miraculous grab and save! He congratulated himself by gorging his gullet on the few remaining cookies that had escaped the fallen fates of their brethren.

The alarm is sounded and Mummuu appears in a jiffy. You guys are given a twenty minute grace period to explain your uninvited (supposedly) entry before, as he put it, “eradication.” He escorts back into a sitting room / parlor / drawing room and beckons for refreshments, tea, crumpets, more cookies, and etc. It is here that you were treated to your first real glimpse of Mummuu’s character and…his prisoner. Within a few minutes of conversation Mummuu, after a few poignant admissions by both James and Pall Mall, reveals his captive behind a large curtain / tapestry and it was none other than SONJA! She was unconscious and the god explained that she was merely a metamorphosed demon and that she had stolen something of incredible value to him. Those of you who remembered from the last time knew that he was singing the SAME story and the same song and dance as the scene with him from the Xiticix Hivelands. Here, instead of a Pandemonium, Sonja was strung up by the BLISSED ON BLUE latticework matrix of potential psychic energy. Mummuu was absolutely convinced he had never met you guys before despite your insistence to the contrary. You told him that you were from the future. You told him that you knew the naked guy. You told him about Widow and about the Tower of Babel. You mentioned to him that certain things, as he relayed them, appeared to have come to pass further in the past than he remembered. In fact you implied that he was also an unsuspecting victim of temporal manipulation. James ran his mouth and incurred the ire of the god and MacGreggor’s Quick Thinking and Critical Plan or Action saved the Demigod’s life by offering Mummuu a strange, alien-technology to play with…and, subsequently SHOOT JAMES WITH but he knew full well that the sling would mean his companion’s death and the phase beamer might only scratch the poor demigod. Because of a mix-up we ended up re-doing what Pall Mall’s next action was and Mummuu ended up becoming distracted with bartering for new mystical spell knowledge or a Dragon’s Eye Gem or even the promise of some temporal magic.

Mummuu agreed to step outside for a breath of fresh air when asked. He actually stated that he hadn’t been outside and admired the majesty and splendor of the Hanging Gardens in too long and that he would like very much to look upon them. Mummuu explained to you that he was instructed to create a crown for the king and the Pandemonium (he thinks is Sonja) stole it. He mentioned that a nasty, wicked old shrew had taken up residence in Etemenanki, the Ziggurat of Babylon and that she has usurped the throne, threw the king in prison, and has sabotaged his completion of the Tower of Babel. A successful history roll told you guys that King Nabopolassar constructed the actual tower. Mummuu told you guys that the Tower of Babel was to be the pinnacle of human achievement and a marvel of modern engineering. It not only reaches up to the heavens but it was intended to plumb the depths of the abyss itself. Construction was stopped before it could ever be completed. When you mentioned that you had seen his BLISSED ON BLUE light show in action at the top of the Ziggurat he BRAGGED about his creation yet again and said that he was the one who created the prison at the top of the Ziggurate. He was told by Tiamat, the consort of Apsu and the one who reads his subconscious dreams of the sleeping god, that the APOCALYPSE is drawing near and that he should construct a prison for the king and his court. He was told to do this in secret and that, contrary to normal operating procedure where gods do NOT INTERFERE IN THE AFFAIRS OF MORTAL MEN, he would be rewarded with unimaginable wealth and power upon Apsu’s awakening. The inventor / constructor / deconstructor god knew that it is always best to have a contingency plan.

Mummuu professed to you guys that he is NOT in league with the Pantheon of Darkness and the Evil Babylonian gods. He shared that he had been imprisoned here on earth by the Babylonian God of Magic, Enki and that he felt completely doomed to die here on earth’s apocalypse. He refused to take a side that isn’t his own but he has certainly laid aside any reservations to employ Splugorth minions as his own. Mummuu would NOT REVEAL the particulars and secrets of the crown’s creation. He would NOT REVEAL the secrets of the BLISSED ON BLUE ley line energy harnessing / focusing technique. He said that he was a constructor and a deconstructor…that his strengths lay in the dismantling piecework of creation…that he was an agent of Entropy. He knew the Apocalypse Demons were here in Ancient Babylon. He knew that the curse of tongues was somehow linked to them and that the Plague of Tongues was somehow indicative of the END OF THE WORLD…of the APOCALYPSE! He beseeches the group to find the crown…as he believes it is the only way to stop the Curse of Tongues and thereby stop the Apocalypse. You guys know that the Apocalypse never actually occurred…at least not here in Ancient Babylon…because you are FROM THE FUTURE. However, Mummuu never mentioned exactly WHEN the Apocalypse would occur. He is under the impression that he’s going to be here when this fuckin’ thing goes tits-up. wink

Okay, from there you traveled along the Pall Mall / Bathsheba route through the desert to Bathsheba’s village on your way to the Pall Mall cave where he met the crowned / uncrowned woman on the altar who looked like Ishtar. In the village you found the corpse of Bathsheba and it was sufficiently decayed to have indicated another odd passage of time. MacGreggor uncovered a small chest by the body that contained a parchment with a wax seal — a seal of three vertical eyes and a long, lascivious tongue. The parchment contained the first “testament” of the first “disciple” of Pall Mall and a map that led to Mut Shedim or Mount Sodom — a mountain at the edge of the Desert of Judea and the Dead Sea that is made entirely of ROCKSALT and, because of the sea, the earth’s crust, and the rotation of the earth…continues to grow EVERY YEAR. Oh, also on the road to the village you encountered one or two more SAND WORMS — SHAI’ HULUD — gigantic mile and a half long worm creatures with gaping maws and a penchant for eating the unsuspecting rhythm-walking travelers. I believe Steve swooped down to collect a sample from the iron-hide of one of the monstrosities.

You guys got to the Ishtar Shrine cave and encountered six Firethorn demons, four Savage Furies, one Savage Fury metamorphosed into a dog, and three Spiked Stranglers. You also eventually ended up encountering THIRTY greater night demons and one Demon Lord RAVENOUS. You encountered an Apocalypse WORLD SLAYER demon — the Desecrator — who after a successful Lore: Magic roll you now know is part of a four-demon WORLD SLAYER TEAM of APOCALYPSE DEMONS who repeatedly reincarnate and stop at nothing to bring about the end of the world. The Desecrator is the hot chick who does all the flashy fun stuff…the real CORRUPTION. I believe your Lore: Magic roll also told you that she can metamorphose into an extremely attractive member of the female sex.

Clean-up: You searched the GIANT stalactite / stalagmite cavern and found Xanthine or Gantrium residue — I don’t believe anyone knew which or what quantities…or had the appropriate skills. You guys found a secret passage that led down into a cache that held a small chest that contained a book, The Epic of Gilgamesh (Gilgamesh builds the legendary walls of the city Uruk (holy city of Ishtar and the basis for her cult of sacred prostitution). The Naked Man mentioned Gilgamesh’s best friend Enkidu and his taming at the hands of the proto-pussy Shamhat. The story also mentions the sage and scholar Utnapishtim (only survivor of the Great Flood) who advises Gilgamesh to build the great walls and cease the oppression of the people of Uruk. You found a bracelet that contained eight beads of Gantrium or Xanthine but it glowed and radiated with magic. The last item in the cache was an anachronism — a Tarot Deck descended directly from the Court of Tarot (Beyond the Supernatural). You continued to scour the place and check the other three passages. Down one passage you found the body of a woman dressed in funeral garb and displaying the customary wedding procession adornments. She had multiple betrothal rings on one hand…specifically the RIGHT one which indicated that she was indeed the Taming of the Shrew / a widower. Trent removed the crown gingerly and without using his physical person and deposited the item into his dimensional pocket. Down the last corridor you found a pool of water with a Sandtrout (large freshwater leeches resembling large amorphous blobs or slugs) encysting and encircling the water. Steve would find this and his Biology and Genetics skill rolls especially interesting.

I hope everyone had fun. I’ll catch you guys on the flip side. It looks like next week on the 16th we’re only going to have Dan and Ryan so we might just skip it altogether. If I have to I’ll run a two-person mini-adventure but it’ll be a super-side-quest one-off.

I already have two MVP votes — I need them from dan, ryan, and chris. I’d love to see a few character journals — the last session didn’t have ANY — and it didn’t even have an Adventure Log. I think the dialogue is still worthwhile to post and that’s worth experience too! You guys earned an extra 4400xp in just monster kills…with by-the-book experience awards. It was pretty intense. Chaos demons are no match for the might of your group of heroes!


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