Alright fellas! This week’s recap is going to be a bulleted list / outline with a few highlights:

- We wrapped up the month of accelerated time’s loose ends: James got his armor back and was almost accepted into the guild, Zander did some recon at St. Louis and Seattle and did his month of servitude with the guild, Trent did some preparation for the next adventure, Pall Mall went to Phase World and got a new spell, Steve went to the Middle East and setup shop for the House of Steve.

- The group went to Africa and split up. Trent and Pall Mall went to visit Excedrin while Zander, James, and Steve went to Giza. Trent got 4 insanities permanently removed and expended his “payment” from the previous visit. Pall Mall wasn’t willing to pay the “going rate” but he got a good look at the equipment. Trent ended up espying an amulet of +4 vs insanity around the lobotomized Norse goddess, Hel’s neck. Zander left James and Steve outside the city of Giza and zoomed around the city to reconnoiter the next super-nexus. He found a pyramid on top of a pyramid — the Necromancer Pharaoh Rama-Set is using stone pyramid technology to harness the ley line energy in a complicated series of rituals. Zander witnessed ritual sacrifice and the harvesting of “souls.”

- After reuniting the group headed back to Lazlo and from there returned to New Calgary. Pall Mall unleashed potential psychic biblical hell with an anti-magic cloud and his 3-casting actions gave everyone time to save his or herself. Trent took james and steve and winked out. Zander straddled the astral plane to not be affected. And Pall Mall went unconscious but eventually made 2/3 of his save vs coma / death rolls. Boz stepped in to rescue the artifact, Gazi Tulwar, and Pall Mall and wrapped them in a bow to be delivered to the rest of the group upon their safe return. He wasn’t too pleased about the latest development. The group readied themselves to fight Boz when Trent received a Magic Pigeon and the group was saved the agony of rolling up new characters.

- In the aftermath of potential psychic death for hundreds and hundreds of miles surrounding New Calgary the group headed to Russia using a 50,000 credits for a guild-travel circle and a Temporal Wizard dimensional envelope travel loophole. In Minsk Pall Mall left the group to pursue summoning a griffin and then purchasing a hover-cycle and then flying to the nearest rift.

- The group talked their way into the compound of Warlord Seriyev who welcomed you with the hospitality befitting royal guests. He challenged the newcomers to a duel against his prized mech-pilot and the pinnacle of their technological advancement. The group chose Steve as their champion. During the middle of the fight Zander made everyone save versus his area-effect peace pipe and no aggressive actions could be taken by the robot pilot so he just sat trying to dodge, block, parry, and eventually run away from Conan until the massive machine lay in pieces, cleaved in twain.

- Oddly, no one thought it odd that the robo-jock didn’t fight back and, conversely, no one thought it odder that the Warlord didn’t shoot his pacifist robo-jock in the face for losing the duel. The Warlord welcomed everyone in for dinner in the massive banquet hall and promptly began his descent into drunken madness. Trent caught sight of a Deevil impostor posing as a servant and when the foul being’s cover was blown it successfully managed to teleport away. Steve got antsy and started leaning on the table to break it and Zander was enthralled by the Warlord’s fantastic stories about Crazy Ivan and Rasputin! The D-Shifter feigned exhaustion and asked to be shown to a room. Pall Mall came back to join the soiree. Zander bribed the serving girl (expend the credits!) to take him to the room of the deevil impostor and rifled through all the guy’s shit until he heard someone speaking to him. Zander pretended to be the deevil in a gas-mask disguise and blue cape and agreed to meet the invisible intruder at the appointed meeting spot…at the appointed meeting time.

- Zander radioed back to the group to ask the Warlord what his most beautiful possession was and he led the Trent and James outside to the Arena stadium which opened up into an underground old cold war missile silo. Steve and Pall Mall started scoping the place out with dragon’s eye gems and doing some patrols. All the way down the silo they found the beginnings of an adit and the discarded ores the warlord called garbage — it appears he was only interested in the plutonium which he believed he could use to “weaponize” his deconstructed missile. However, as was brought to my attention plutonium only exists naturally in trace amounts so we’ll retcon that to another metal “similar” to Kisentite which you guys recognized. It is intended to be a “meteoric metal.” Regardless, you guys moved into position to ambush the meeting site between Zander and an unknown Dyvalian contact.

- When the trap was sprung you guys jumped out of nowhere to eventually corner a new breed of super-villain plucked straight out of Armageddon Unlimited! gasp The new super-powers very clearly mimic magical spells and abilities of Rifts classes — from summoning greater and lesser demons to altering the dimensional fabric and even firing blasts and rays of dimensional energy! This blond-haired, blue-eye tattooed college kid was bare-chested and in spandex bicycle shorts and he teleported away without a second thought….only to have Pall Mall REDIRECT his teleport! Which, incidentally, as the book says it’s something that he must concentrate on for the ability to be used at any point during the melee. But the villain was redirected to appear right in front of an aerially suspended Pall Mall being clutched beneath the wings of Steve the biological terror! This super-villain, not to be outdone, attempts to teleport YET AGAIN and does so successfully! Trent hitches a ride on his teleport and Zander copies the ability and does the same exact thing. BLAMMO!

- Trent and Zander come face-to-face with a super-villain squad in another dimension! They are at first kinda surprised at the fact that you were able to follow…but never even pausing to assess the danger they immediately assumed they could vanquish you with little effort. They divulged some pretty juicy information that associates them with a faction called the Church of Unity from Century Station. They also explained that they were looking for an “artifact” of immense power and that they’d be willing to let you guys live (in true Villain fashion) for any information regarding its whereabouts.


Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada Witchcraft