Wow! What do we say? My wife and I basically got into it so badly that our regularly scheduled broadcast couldn’t happen. LOL! We sought solace in liquor and RP — her in a bachelorette party and I in my ARPee! What a mess…what a shame! I hope we make it to the next session some time in August. cringe

With a double-ought on the percentile die of 01 – 100 we were in for a real treat. I can’t believe how the random encounter dominated the entire session. In the end I think there was a lot of great RP and that folks learned quite a bit more about their characters and their companions. James ascended to not-quite-god-hood — something more, but not-quite-godling-hood either. He was subsequently put into a coma by Necrom…

“Hellooooooo Necrom!!!!!” The fight goes a little differently without electromagnetism but you guys kinda prevailed. I don’t think gory details are in order. There were three folks in attendance tonight and quite a few people (both PCs and NPCs) died. You were introduced to the business end of the Megaverse’s baby antagonists at the end when 6 Time Stops weakened the fabric of reality to the point where “the Nothing” sucked everything out into the void like a hole in an airplane. We had illusory terrain to cover our tracks and we made for a swift getaway while saving both James and Magnus’s lives. The Trader lives to fight another day! You made out with a few Rune weapons — and even unleashed Necrom into Dyval after enabling a light infantry squad of Dyvalian NameSeekers to get their hands on the applicable EVIL-half of the Rune weapon cache.

HellDamnSpellShroud appears to have taken up an almost permanent residence within his new body and spoke as if he never intended to let Pall Mall return.


Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada Witchcraft