Wow! Where do I even begin? We started where the mini-group left off after their Labor Day Monday Chrono-Trigger. Trent just stepped out of his Time Hole to encounter Ruger pulling up in the truck. James, Zander, and HDSS were in the study after having incapacitated Jimmy Jay, subdued (temporarily) Biff, and Soul-Drank Rasputin. In the middle of Rasputin’s study the ceiling had been shattered, the book cases on the walls were empty, and we started off with James picking up his axe and commending it on a job well done. The axe’s response was cold, haughty, and derisive. Evidently, when things are called “Godslayer” they are entitled to having a chip on their shoulders. Go figure!

Incidentally, it occurred to me that no one asked how Rasputin’s soul could be drunk by the axe when he was wearing the robe. It’s a shame we couldn’t retro-view the incident and scrutinize it in detail. Y’know, it’s occurring to me now that we never really figured out why the robe remained but all of Rasputin’s other adornments disappeared.

Regardless, HDSS saw the robe as a path to power and donned it where it had fallen from Rasputin’s form. James admonished HDSS and the two started to get into it. Would it come to fisticuffs? All the while Biff was a bystander, paralyzed, but his paralysis was about to wear off and he started raging. Zander, noticing a change in HDSS personality and not wanting to get caught flat-footed by Biff again, bolted outside (to be followed by a discouraged James) and ran into Trent and Ruger. Upon meeting up with the balance of the group they collected their wits and regrouped. Convinced by Trent, everyone returned to the hallway right before the study as Biff the Juggernaut smashed through the wall like a runaway locomotive. Ruger saw an opportunity to capitalize on the behemoth’s emotional vulnerability and approached cautiously once the raging stopped and the sobbing began.

When the group returned to the study they could only make out the top of HDSS head as he knelt behind Rasputin’s desk. The chess board / map sat on the desk along with playing cards of an ancient game known as Magic: The Gathering. James stayed by the door cautiously, Zander peered in from the hallway, and the brave Doctor Logan entered the room to begin casting a spell. He was attempting to exorcise HDSS while the Sowki was distracted under the desk. The next action HDSS failed to disarm traps even though he had successfully recognized wards. Bummer! The Dweomer Magic explosion rocked the room and drained him and everyone who didn’t dodge of ALL their PPE and active magic effects. Thankfully the smaller, secondary explosion was localized to the immediate vicinity so only the desk, HDSS, and Jimmy Jay took actual damage. Zander and James dodged into the hallway but Trent got nailed by it and lost 2 energy spheres and his armor of ithan and mystic invisibility among other active spells. HDSS appeared to be relatively unscathed while the desk was a pile of shrapnel and rubble and Jimmy Jay was bloody and dead.

When confronted HDSS seemed indifferent to the consequences of his actions and James used the opportunity to escalate their conflict. This time, however, HDSS had Wyndstrom drawn and it looked like he was about to take a swing at James but the Godling paralyzed him with a mental command. Zander rushed in, donned some heavy work gloves, and attempted to remove the robe (which called itself “Oh Glorious Woven One” in HDSS’s mind but he was a bit of a bystander). The robe wouldn’t come off until Trent exorcised it and separated the possessing rune-robe entity from its victim, HDSS, but eventually it did. Before placing it in his backpack Zander was propositioned by the robe to embrace it and to adventure across the Megaverse together. The hippy turned it down and attempted to shove the robe into his dimensional pocket but it wouldn’t go. Odd! Just like certain other items we’ve encountered.

With HDSS subdued, Biff subdued (thanks to the smooth-talking Ruger and the Trent interpreter until it was discovered that Biff speaks an archaic form of American called ENGRISH), Jimmy Jay was revived by Trent’s Godslayer named Lytsong, without further subdue you guys regrouped once again to formulate the strategy that would win Doctor Logan the MVP of the session. You rested for a few hours and eventually came up with an idea to fly invisibly up to the giant RIFT WITHIN A RIFT and shoot a rocket launcher inside. Okay! Zander, HDSS, and Trent were covered by Ruger on the truck’s weapons and James with his bow as they flew AS AN EAGLE (who, interestingly enough, can’t hover — I believe this was a point of contention as well) silently between gargoyle patrols up to the gaping tear in reality. A few shots were fired and the PCs were almost discovered but they ended up avoiding detection.

This ultra-nexus appears is the only one of its kind. No one has ever seen a converging of more ley lines. Rasputin was clearly manipulating things and messing around with the “LEY” of the land. The power emanating from this nexus and the popcorn popping rift kernels all over the place was magnificent! It looked like spokes on a bicycle — a Zander ancient bicycle! Beneath the party, thrashing about Lake Khozgov, was a giant Kaiju World Monster Snapping Turtle.

Zander bravely stuck his head through the portal for a look around. He saw a force-field that covered most of his vision with a blissful blue glow. Twenty feet below him, the generator appeared to be the size of a house. Inside the Force Field and clearly guarding the rift generator were thousands of Dyvalian troops looking rather orderly and business-like. Just beyond the force field Zander could see a small contingent of troops fighting some human-looking shapes. It was too difficult to tell who / what they were. Could they be friends? Allies? Superheroes? Was one of them a First Stage Promethean? He didn’t get a great look before popping back out and Trent started to aim his rocket launcher. Both Trent and Zander rolled their advanced Mathematics to give them a +1 bonus on firing trajectory. Then, I believe there was a formal complaint lodged regarding the ridicuosity of having a MISSile MISS this close to the portal. Alas, it didn’t take much for the 20ft radius to encompass at least part of the machine and with one or two more blows the Rift Generator was basically toast. HDSS also went through the portal to get a handle on the situation and he was treated to the sight of raging ants on an anthill.

At about this time not only was the portal beginning to close but, miraculously, the force field surrounding the troops started to go down as well! The Deevils were ablur in a frenzy of motion and aerial squadrons of harpies and dire harpies started to cram through the closing portal. They immediately got into it with a Demonic airborne squadron of gargoyles and the DOGFIGHT WAS ON!!!! Trent, Zander, and HDSS had front-row seats and narrowly avoided being drawn into the fight.

It looked like the Rift generator was going down in a blazing heap of glory and just before the portal closed for good the pivotal piece — the Apex Array miraculously popped right out of the rift JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME!!! HDSS, Trent, and Zander returned to James and Ruger at the truck to regroup where the Taxi immediately whisked them away to a convenient nexus just outside of Lazlo. Trent, fearing how vulnerable he might be in the city after all that had happened didn’t tarry long but had a brief meeting with Erin Tarn before setting off on his own week-long agenda. The rest of the group got some shopping in and some WHILE YOU WERE AWAY stuff to sidebar which we’ll be tackling this week and next.

After the week everyone reconvened at the Pall Mall / HDSS sanctuary for the unveiling of the NEXT ancient rune artifact. With Gimbly gone the group only had Diminutive Bubblefuzz to ask for guidance and he was as confounded and dumbfounded by the mysterious artifact as everyone else. The weapon was not registering evil. It was radiating magic (once it was taken out of the drawer compartment), and it looked very nondescript and plain. There were no runes etched in it or any of the other telltale markings of an object of great runic power. I forgot who touched it and communed with it but the voice said things like “You must help my people! They are desperate and dying! Please help! I can only take seven of you!” It turns out that Zelda, Trent’s Faerie and Sebastian, Zander’s turtle, aren’t counted amongst the seven. And, when a temporal portal showed up that looked like a gas grill over asphalt on a hot summer day the familiar shimmering sent JFC into a frenzy. Awwwww….SHIT! We know what this is about!

Medieval Europe looked just like we left it! Just kidding. When you guys appeared all disoriented and discombobulated you were standing in an alley in some backwater country village / town somewhere in Northern Europe or Scandinavia. A giant blue energy being that only Zander could see was floating extended through buildings in all directions. It moved ponderously and its extensions floated nebulously like some kind of Astral Being. HDSS accosted some random woman on the street to get some disguises for you guys before heading off to a cemetery to spill some blood and talk to Odin. James started traveling to different churches around town and found one where he could start curing people of the bubonic plague. His efforts were not unrewarded when people thanked him and the Lord and Savior JFC that he represented. Trent and Zander made their way down the street to espy HDSS on their way to one of Loki’s Temples.

They found out some very interesting information:

- Loki is the patron god of this village and other villages in the area
- People believe that Loki is playing a trick on them and that he is testing their faith
- There is a schism between the advent of Christianity and the worship of Norse Pantheon
- The priesthood of Loki has turned to squabbling and in-fighting, the temple coffers are empty, and no one knows why the god isn’t answering their prayers.
- A system of underground tunnels network all of Loki’s temples in the village
- The tunnels are lit by sconces and carry censers that burn incense

Many parallels were found between Medieval Europe and Ancient Babylon but with a tight-lipped GM meting out the information parcels.


Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada Witchcraft