The session this past Saturday was a mixed bag. We started off with the group having traveled to different towns, spreading the gospel of the anti-plague, and James doing some pro-bono conversion work. We’ll see how well his attempts actually went when / if he writes it up. So JFC arrived in Copenhagen a little worn, spent, and did some investigation. HDSS procured 8 Great Danes to hound-sniff out more of the sinister herbs and incense. Zander visited the local apothecary and picked up some herb of his own and made a connection with the herbalist. James and Trent visited first the Norse temples and then the sole-surviving Christian church.

In this city one thing was readily apparent. Their worship of the Norse pantheon hasn’t diminished and the “temple” to Thor — a great hall filled to near-teeming with wine, women, song, and the foremost priest among them, Bjorn the Bear — was packed with “worshipers.” James got into the makeshift arena of cleared-tables, careful not to slip on the blood, ale, and other body fluids that puddled on the floor — and he wrestled Bjorn to a climactic finale. The giant Dane got a nasty elbow to the back of the skull, brushed it off, and embraced James (now the god of last Elbows) as a friend and fellow worshiper of Thor. Trent and James went over the Christian church and met an old knight who told them that the vicar was probably hanging out at Thor’s place. So they went BACK and approached the drunk vicar and purged the alcoholic stupor from his hic mind.

HDSS searched the docks with the dogs and also searched the Thor mead hall and found some boxes of the incense and censers and Zander teleported 2 of the 3 flawlessly. The third one has yet to be found. After this you guys went to visit the King Hrothgar and he was pretty friendly but a little incredulous. Wait, did you guys even mention the incense-causing plague? I thought you did but I forgot what the kind said. Anyway, he brought plates of food for feasting and you guys indulged in a cornucopia of delights — extremely LOUD delights — and JFC decided to retire at 10pm.

When you awoke the next morning you went to the docks and spoke to the wharfmaster to check his ledgers and manifest logs and got the information you were looking for. He also alluded to some carnage over at Hrothgar’s Mead Hall. You guys went to investigate the commotion and I think Trent retro-viewed it and you found some tracks. HDSS gave the dogs as a present to the king the night before. When Trent retro-viewed the attack it was tough to tell what, if anything set off the giant troll-like creature. I think this was one of those super-rare occasions that Trent Logan actually failed a perception roll. LOL!

Regardless, HDSS set off straight away to find the creature and tracked him easily back to a cave. The rest of JFC kinda followed and James wandered off into the cave alone rather impetuously. He was able to hear the oddly amplified sound of a woman’s voice talking to some hissing gibbering spitting creature like Baby Huey and the woman’s voice said it would be back soon and it called the other voice it’s child. At this point James stopped and tried to be as stealthy as he could and Zander turned into a ball of light and whirred around and found Grendel. The monster saw the glowing ball of light and started to grab it and chase after it and Zander lured Grendel toward James and the rest of JFC. When Zander lured Grendel toward James the monster came close and sniffed and said, “Fi Fie Fo Fum I smell the blood of an Englishman!” And he started to reach out and grope in the darkness. He grabbed James and James stabbed him in the eye with his signature move. Grendel tried to bite James’s head off. James yelled and Grendel covered one ear and tried to defend himself but was stabbed in the ear repeatedly. A mystic portal was opened up off to the side of Grendel so the casters could fight from relative safety. A slingshot of flaming plague incense hit Grendel in the face and didn’t do much and I think some arcs of lightning came too. There was a wall of defense and some called shots and well…no ribbon…hehe.

The play-by-play of the fight is pretty unimportant. At some point Grendel got scared and stopped even trying to defend himself and tried to run away. He ran out of the mouth of the cave while HDSS continued to attack his retreating back. He eventually fell and slipped THROUGH a carpet of adhesion that didn’t even affect him. HDSS sawed the thing’s head off and buried it away from the body which he left there. You guys investigated the reservoir and James jumped into the water and felt a nibble and jumped out. Trent electrified the underground cistern water hole and a bunch of dead fish bodies floated to the surface. HDSS took the plunge and went a mile and a half deep in the center hole following a chain and found Surtur and Beowulf bound against the pillar. HDSS also found a little crevice at the earth’s core that was bubbling…when the earth started to rumble.

Oh, you guys found a small rock — enchanted to AMPLIFY SOUND right in Grendel’s lair. Looks like foul play when you Object Read the rock and saw a tall human beautiful figure.

Grendel’s mom shrieked and vowed vengeance against the king for killing her son and Zander chased her and forced her to smoke the peace pipe.

All in all the session was disastrous. My failings as the GM continue to plague the game. LOL! My idea of hint-giving and mystery solving is just totally inadequate for what we’re doing and I really have to try harder to give more clues and put more hints into play.

Btw, Kudos to James for knowing the Surtur reference and Fenrir and Hel being Loki’s children. My hints that Grendel was Fenrir’s child didn’t really work well. The hints that the ribbon could be used to bind and subdue Grendel didn’t really work either. There were three hints that we talked about after everyone left but they were dependent upon a perception roll, a skill roll, and one got glossed over during an OOC exposition on mythology by Chris. All in all — totally the GM’s fault for making them a little too difficult.


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