Okay! What a day! We started off with a Chrono-Trigger mashup with James and Zander revisiting the Russian Wilderness and making some serious headway (if not finishing it altogether) on their foray into the abductions of children in the Gypsy village. After FOUR — not one or two or three — but FOUR FAILED TRACKING ROLLS BY OUR RESIDENT RANGER, Zander had to take it upon himself to push the plot along. Zander found a patch of fur / hair and James used remote-viewing on it to see a figure in a cave crossing off a name (in latin) from a giant family tree. Also in the remote viewing they saw the sky was dark and stars were out. They noted that this might be another dimension…or another hemisphere.

They called for the clan elderwoman / witch doctor and asked some penetrating questions regarding the bloodlines and the nature of the disease and her ability to diagnose / medical skills employed. She was as helpful as she could be and then our two heroes ventured about a half-mile outside of the village — kinda in the area where James hunted a deer and killed it with his bare hands and NO IMPLEMENTS — and found a collapsed / inactive portal. It was being held in place by magic but it was inactive and completely inert until Zander starting pumping some serious P.P.E. into it to “re-open gateway.” They stepped through the portal and reappeared in Australia and were immediately set upon by werewolves. James subdued (read: beheaded) two of them and the third fled so they followed it back to a cave where they met with the wolf god. This cave looked EXACTLY like the one that James saw when he remote-viewed the piece of skin and fur the giant wolf left on a part of the crushed gypsy wagon. While they were there they asked the Wolf God a series of questions which led them down the bloodline thought-process and the possibility that there was something special about the position of the moon and the location they were currently standing in. It was moving to allow for a maximum exposure of full-moon up-time…or perpetual full-moon.

They also got some information about how the Wolf God felt he was liberating these people and saving their lives from the blood disease “porphyric hemophaelia.” The giant wolf actually railed at James when he was accused of killing them and growled that James had murdered two innocents already! The two he slaughtered when they first arrived in Australia. The wolf god also mentioned something about not staying in Australia for very long and DEFINITELY not sleeping — staying completely out of Dream Time / the Dream Stream — whatever that is! wink

The main plot started about an hour after Dave arrived and we exchanged some Christmas presents and ate some awesome ravioli and meat sauce and all the goodies! We wasted no time in returning to Karma, the enlightened demon on the path to an alchemical immortality and a proponent of the 8th hidden alignment, Taoist. He introduced you guys to the Kaballah — the world’s oldest religion and the tenets founded therein. He also mentioned the 10 components of divine creation, a series of artifact relics hidden or appropriated from the holy land’s Crusades-ridden reliquaries. He showed you guys a few Mudras and even how he could control the DIVINE MUDRA OF PRIMORDIAL CHAOS — all of which transpired in the last session.

Once we caught up to speed you guys checked out the information HDSS got from the plantation log books. You then went to the docks and dealt with Long Wharf the Dwarf — Long Wharf Shortpierre was the ornery dockmaster of the coastal city in Tripoli where you intended to find the Kings of Merchandise (KoM) shipping company and follow it to its foreseeable end. Zander did a little recon from there and headed out to Cyprus and found a whole smuggling ring / operation. He then teleported the entire group back there. You guys waltzed right in without even really prepping your spells or readying to fight with buffs and the pirates were ineffectively (read: ineffectually) bouncing black powder balls and bullets off you and Trent went intangible with Ghost and actually scared the piss out of one guy. Once you got into the meat of the production and packing and shipping operation it kinda looked like a FedEx Shipping and Distribution Center. You met with much stiffer resistance from a team of 5 magically oriented fighters who fought like an incredibly skilled and talented team with less rune item spears. Trent dropped two time-slips and one time stop and an anti-magic cloud — fight changing spells that crippled the enemy team….right as a big bad guy was about to walk out of a communication rift that he had TORN OPEN into a true Rift portal.

Trent went into Sorcerous Fury and started laying waste to EVERYTHING — including the whip-wielding taskmasters and Zander found a Deevil incognito and tackled him for questioning before getting the guy into an Aikido lock body hold and forcing him to come to terms with a deal. The deevil agreed to help JFC citing an “enemy of my enemy” philosophy — he also had a few stipulations and terms and Zander agreed. The Deevil was pretty confident that without his help JFC was going to die horrible deaths to the Vatican 5.

We’ll see how it all resolves NEXT YEAR!!! Happy Holidays!


Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada Witchcraft