Alright, well I think it’s safe to say that I’m never really shocked about how shocked I always am with you guys. What I thought would turn out to be a rather innocuous RP-session tonight ended up being an assault on the Black Vault — hit ‘n run style. And it turns out the Coalition is completely unprepared to combat highly skilled, highly talented and well trained magical operatives — at least not those who have mystic invisibility and invisibility superior, and dimensional envelope and mystic portal and teleport superior, etc. Granted, it didn’t come to an all out brawl since you guys only stayed in the Vault for 45 seconds but it was a very close call for James — who looked at the cameras and gave the CS a big “fuck you” and the middle finger right before he left. LOL!

You guys got nailed by some pot-shots from the laser turrets and missile launchers and still managed to stay ahead of a platoon of 60 skelebots who still couldn’t see you. LOL! Not heat / thermal, radar, infrared, or motion-detection was able to find you guys…until you started breaking stuff and looting shit and making lots of noise. And even then it took about 30 seconds for a team of Janissary troops to enter combat and about 15 more seconds for them to lower the partitions. You guys easily avoided the gas-suppression system with invulnerability and invincible armor / environmental armor. And Trent came back to make a heroic self-sacrifice to save James the god of last resorts life.

You made out with just under 30 random magical items including everything from a food warmer and a toaster over to a mining / drilling machine and even a stealth jet plane (2) seater. And on another double ought (00) roll you managed to find a very special book — the likes of which will only soon be revealed to Zander who was left 2 years in the past to study and evaluate all the loot so that you guys could have it all cataloged for inventory when you met back up. Trent Logan took his leave of the party…possibly for good. And you guys now have the freedom to return to Lazlo, wrap-up your WYWA stuff, and head out to Seattle.

Zander, in this time will read not only the Book of Heroes but also the Codex of Souls.

Congratulations and well done!


Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada Witchcraft