Well it was an interesting session. Not without its high points and low points and certain…questionable points. First and foremost, we acknowledged the departure of our dear friend Dan and the J.F.C. resident grouch — Helldamn Spellshroud formerly known as Pall Mall. Parting is such sweet sorrow. We bade him farewell and a moratorium ensued. The Codex of Souls has resolved to be more influential in determining who shall join J.F.C. in the adventure to save the MEGAVERSE IN FLAMES!!!

So we wrapped up some shopping bullshit without getting “too” bogged down in the minutia. I resolved to retract my availability percentile rolls for certain items that should be PLENTIFUL. Okay, in Minsk, Russia, you’re not going to find only 6 sets of winter clothing. I apologize. You got as many as you can pay for. Thank you Dave for pointing that out to me.

Nirvana proved almost invaluable in the absence of Trent Logan. Though combat went decidedly DIFFERENTLY! But I’m getting ahead of myself.

This session saw J.F.C. convene and reconvene in New Sea (Post Apocalyptic Seattle) for the best kept secret in the Megaverse. The Minion War is raging. Dimensions are collapsing. The Demon Plagues are upon us! And New Sea (or Neattle as it’s affectionately dubbed by some locals) is the hub of the remnants of the Pantheons. All the displaced, disillusioned, disowned, downtrodden demigods and godlings — the detritus and riffraff of the Pantheons — have congregated here in New Sea in an attempt to find familiarity and common ground in the absence of the gods. These “leftovers” are all that remain of their pantheons and people are coming out of the woodwork to embrace this new home. Prominent members of the former pantheons like Phobos, James the Semigod of Last Resorts, and Clytemnestra are stepping up to the plate in an attempt to unite the remaining divine children into one Monotheon in a show of support and solidarity. The Greeks naturally stepped to the forefront of the movement but they were able to rally the 7 main pantheons to their call (Greek, Norse, Babylonian, Persian, Hindu, Aztec, and Roman).

Schuyler Burden, seeing an opportunity to capitalize on the volatile situation, offered to televise a duel to the death between Clytemnestra and James the Semigod to see who would rise to become the leader of the new Monotheon — a unified Pantheon. This will coincide with Phobos’s plan to proselytize a new religion worshiping these varied and eclectic demigods and godlings. Although you also heard of a rather vocal minority of demigods and godlings — a contingent who refuses to acknowledge the new Pantheon and especially refuses to acknowledge the Greeks as leaders in this time of peril. The Megaverse is so new without the gods and goddesses that have been nigh eternal fixtures in the divine bodies of celestial heaven. Right now, their best defense is secrecy. So this duel, televised to the Megaverse, is being filmed and broadcast in an unknown location.

A major part of New Sea is being developed by Monotheon Securities — a Construction and Real-Estate development firm (subsidiary of the Bite Club by Schuyler Burden). Right now the population of New Sea is just cresting 5,000 and there haven’t been inhabitants or even explorers and survivors on the west coast of North America in hundreds of years. Monotheon Securities has hired a guild of True Atlanteans, Stone Masters, Ley Line Rifters, Drifters, Techno-Wizards, and Magical Stonemasons to help rebuild and develop this city in the image of Tolkien — but in the spirit of Freedom and Brotherly love. In the fledgling town there aren’t any police, fire departments, government, bureaucracy, or even infrastructure. Right now New Sea is in its infancy and is ruled by the spirit of the Golden Rule: Do Unto Others as you would have Others Do Unto You. There are maybe two bars, a brothel, one hotel, a few stores for various and sundry necessities, and that’s IT.

In the most exciting duel to the death the Megaverse has ever seen, James the Semigod of Last Resorts defeated Clytemnestra with a coup de gras skewering stab through her heart. She was resurrected (after one failed attempt) in the next few moments, bowed, knelt, humbled, and acknowledge James as the leader of the New Pantheon. Per the rules of engagement an Anti-Magic Cloud was in place up to the second the fight started so no external help would carry over. All weapons were allowed and no holds-barred. The fight lasted almost 30 seconds before James paralyzed Clytemnestra (5 successful saves versus psionics and I finally rolled a natural 1) and proceeded to stab her through the heart. Her end of the bargain would be to offer up to him the Rune Weapons she uses but James decided to leave those with her and only take her shield, Aegis, a Greater Rune Shield.

In the moments after the Semigod’s victory one of the Precision Clones espied Schuyler Burden produce a dagger and attempt to stab Phobos with it during the hubbub and confusion. With a NATURAL 20 called shot to disarm she loosed a flying silver dagger and knocked the weapon from his hand! During the celebration she retrieved Schuyler’s hidden weapon and returned it to him with a smug grin and a flippant remark, “you dropped this?” The Bite Club owner scowled at her and walked away — but not before offering her a place to prove herself and test her mettle in the Arena (and an opportunity to make a little extra cash).

Zander took some time to visit the construction sites of some new Stone Pyramids and the Stone Master, Zanzibar took the opportunity to chat and the conversation was eventually continued over beers and steak sandwiches at the bar. It was also there that Gazi struck up a conversation with Sakura and found himself a kindred spirit in the mutual annoyance of James the Jest.

In the next day there was much merriment and revelry and carousing. Zander took some time to get FUCKING BLITZED and scope out a giant ley-line psychedelic pneuma biform whale submarine parked in the harbor. Eventually, when James had had enough bureaucratic bullshit for one day he and Sakura joined Zander in making FIRST CONTACT with tall, blue fish / merfolk people that look like Na’vi from Avatar. They introduced themselves as a colony of Lemurian settlers chased from their undersea homes by monsters and demons and the Lord of the Deep and they had sent an expeditionary force to the west coast of North America to settle it and colonize.

You guys went back to the village based much further south than Seattle — closer to Portland Oregon — and ran a few errands and scouting missions for the Lemurians. The land there was very different than you expected and the flora and fauna were all super-charged with P.P.E. and radiating with incredible magical energy. You saw rich, thick jungles with bio-luminescent lichen and giant monsters and feral demons and even a cannibalistic shaman and his two spell-slinging minions. You guys busted got into two separate combat rounds that were dominated by soul-drinking MADNESS on the part of James the Jest and Gazi Tulwar (whose full stats are now posted on the boards). We also saw an incredible DOUBLE BULLS-EYE by Sakura who blinded one of the beasts with two daggers in each eye on the run in one single action. HOLY SHIT!

In the hut you rescued a sentimental garland for the Lemurians but you saw an alchemical workstation and a patter woven in the fabric potential psychic energy. It was unlike anything anyone had ever seen but hanging, floating in midair and glowing with super-intense P.P.E. you saw the celestial Tarot deck aligned in a pattern with the Trumps facing outward. Zander told the group that he had given the Tarot deck to Mummuu and the god had mentioned coming out to the Pacific Northwest and this kinda looked like it could be a makeshift base of his. The questions arose and Dave pointed out that this little side-quest could be an entire campaign in itself. Sigh. LOL!

You guys returned and discussed commissioning the giant whale submarine for an expedition to Antarctica and that’s where we left it.

We’re meeting at Chris’s house in Manchester next session and Isaac will be MIA for a birthday party.


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