In a nutshell:

The meatballs were awesome.


Sakura and Hawk got captured after Hawk’s failed prowl while attempting to recon the Nazi base. They were taken back and interrogated separately. Inconsistencies were found in their stories and a confiscated Gazi transforming and wreaking havoc destroyed the ruse.

Hawk was taken to a cell to await inspection. Sakura was interrogated further. She had a 3-on-1 with 2 devil-dogs and a horrifying deevil. She covered lots of stuff in silver and took some blows to her armor but didn’t seem too fazed by a carpet of adhesion and loss of mobility. Her thoughts were scanned telepathically and her sister could sense she was in danger. She came out on top (mostly) for the duration of her adrenal rush. Silver flew everywhere. Hawk was deemed to be a fine specimen and a fitting test subject. He was taken to a lab for experimentation. He transformed and scared a few MPs and a nurse. They hit the alarm. He ran for his life back to the cell to get his gear. Then ran back the other way to the MPs. He cornered one and took him into a cell to change his clothes eventually knocking him out. He got half dressed, transformed, went into the hallways and vaporized a bunch of MPs with 20 mini-missiles. He then started to get dressed again and reshape facaid. He then pretended to suffer from delusional paranoia and hysterical screaming when the devil dogs came sniffing around. He slinked away while they followed.

Zander explored lava tubes and found “Brood” a super-human brood mother a la Alien. She was a member of an elder race who had been held captive, prisoner for some time, and was forced to mate with and reproduce different genetic variations of the double-helix genetic code. Zander meditated there and found that she was a member of the GENE-TECH ELDER RACE — she had been chased there by seven DOMINATORS (of which Archaedas was the only one not present). She gave him a vision of the millennium tree calling them to this planet and the Ley Lines — untainted PPE energy. She also told him that the ley lines here on Earth were very special for a certain reason — that she was here tracking them down and mapping them. That the dominators had come for a similar reason and possibly colonization…that they had bound her in a time-warping prison and given her a fate worse than death. Zander felt COSMIC energy for the first time — well, ever.

He also lost DAYS in the time-altered vision / meditation. He returned to the snow lion APC for albatross sperm to impregnate BROOD and was greeted by a super-worried team of Raiko and Bex / Bastion / Wibbles since he’d been gone for 9 days!

He rolled a 99% to teleport.

Then rolled a 99% on the failed teleport chart.

Died instantly by teleporting into solid matter.

An Ace in the Hole was used.


It’s ALIVE!!! IT’S ALIVE!!!!


Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada Witchcraft