James bid his companions, JFC, farewell and stayed behind in New Sea to work diligently on building up his new city, the new pantheon, and the fledgling government. He was always flanked by Kagame and Clytemnestra he met with Phobos regarding New Sea neighbors, the Lemurians. He officially welcomed the Lemurian envoy and ambassador, and he even took some time to walk around the settlement and inspect the construction and the defenses. Phobos told James he didn’t trust anyone and that New Sea should step-up patrols on its southern border and that it should reconnoiter their neighbors ASAP. If a treaty / pact of non-aggression would be in place New Sea had to Ensure that the Lemurians didn’t accidentally or inadvertently call attention to New Sea and expose the burgeoning colony to factions like the “Renegades” (rebel gods / godlings who refuse to conform and join James and his new Pantheon), the Splugorth, the Coalition, and the Megaverse at large, etc.

James decreed that one member and representative from EACH former Pantheon would be on his council to give a voice to EVERYONE. Let no demigod or godling or pleb forget who he is or where he came from. ALL the remaining pantheons will be represented in the New God Order — the Council of Haven.

James met with Zanzibar, a True Atlantean Geomantic Stone Master — foreman and superintendent of the artisans, craftsman, and the construction union / guild. James received a rudimentary explanation of Zanzibar’s affiliation to Schuyler Burden — the man footing the bill — and was treated to a closer-look at the Ley Line Triangular Defense System and the Stone Pyramids being erected. Zanzibar confessed that they were working on a system that would be very similar in scope to the defenses that Tolkien employed and that he worried if it would be enough protection…or buy New Sea enough time while it tried to stay unknown, beneath the radar, and off the grind.

James and Zanzibar talked for a while and Clytemnestra and Kagame accompanied them to the bar afterwards. James magnanimously paid for the first round for all the patrons and artisans and workers in the bar and mingled a bit with the “common folk.” Here, Zanzibar expressed his concern that was a voice of the people. James was putting together a ruling and advisory council and he beseeched Zanzibar to take a seat on that council to represent the interests of all the little people, the common folks, the aliens, D-Bees, and the ordinary citizen whose contribution to the society in a city of brotherly love is no less valuable than that of his deific, immortal counterparts.

That night, and for the next six nights there-after, James was visited by a series of dreams; each one more cryptic than the next. They were so disorienting that he was hardly able to wake and function and his thoughts, each day, were consumed by the portents of the previous night. A hooded figure spoke to him, shrouded in shadow, speaking in hushed tones and seeking accord. Each night it said something akin to, “I am seeking refuge. I am familiar with this plane. I am fleeing the Conqueror from Without. I would forge a mutually beneficial partnership with you as another entity has done. Psynex at Psyscape — it is an entity familiar to me. We transcend the planes to flee the Without.” Clytemnestra was terribly worried and she sent for physicians. She also took this time to voice her opinion of the common-folk and the shared education and systems James had been planning to even out the playing field and ensure a fair academic environment for everyone. She’s Greek. So she’s suitably opinionated.

On the eighth, hidden night, James made a few successful rolls and saves versus…BRENT…and was able to begin a segment called “Lucid Dreaming” where he was actually able to control his dream and his actions and converse openly with this being. The conversion followed, “This Megaverse is an interconnected system of dimensions. It is but one of many — Transcendence will open the Planes. The Aleph. Transfinite Induction. I am sending you a piece of myself…an Avatar, while you decide. As Psyscape is a boon to psychic practitioners so too can your home be a place of peace and learning and knowledge and wisdom…a boon to magical practitioners. I can…meld with this dimension and retreat across the plane to hide your home from the purview of the Outsiders. I can provide fantastic benefits, akin to those of Psyscape, for worshipers of the Primordial Magics and practitioners of the arts — here, in this place. All I ask in return is for your love and guidance, and your energy.”

The next day James awoke refreshed and feeling well-rested and upbeat — optimistic. Clytemnestra rolled over and greeted him with a smile. A pigeon from Phobos nailed him square in the face with an urgent message, “get your fuckin’ knickers on and get down to the square — you’re not gonna believe who just showed up.” James got his panties in a bunch, ran down to the New Sea Square and made introductions with a man who called himself, “Achilles.”

To Be Continued…



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