Well today’s session was our first in almost 9 weeks. It’ll be our last for the summer. It was fraught with emotional highs and lows and ups and downs and trials and tribulations. Everyone was a good sport and rolled with the punches. Chris’s Nightbane character, Hawk, nearly died…very very very close to died…but didn’t. In the end the Nightbane ended up being a very resistant template with the Paratrooper O.C.C.

Here’s how I remember the afternoon:

We started off with Sakura, Hawk, Pantomime, Goethe (pronounced “Gerta”), and Pandemonium (the Greatest Rune Artifact down on the 7th level of Raccoon City. Gazi was unconscious after presumably falling / crashing through seven floors of re-bar and concrete. He was treated by the first aid skills of both Hawk and Sakura. Pandemonium, the Greatest Rune Artifact of the winged Elder Race — a 12ft tall brown, mottled-skinned humanoid with giant wings like a gargoyle mixed with an Orc, was completely stunned by seeing Gazi. He immediately swore that Gazi was one of his ancient ancestors. He claimed to be aware that some of his memories had been erased / tampered with / stolen but he remembered Gazi being a very important figure in the history of the evolution of the races…and their descendants. Mime and Goethe were out of sight at one end of the hall doing their best to fight off the deevil patrols and keep them from the group. Pandemonium was outside the room, in the hallway, just blocking it up with his inert body — stunned with the Gazi revelation.

At this same time Bastion, Bex, and two german soldiers (Bastion’s convinced minions) made a run for it to the APC where Wibbley had parked it. The dwarf strategically hid it from view and removed the vehicle from the main courtyard where it avoided notice for a while…but where it was also further from the main gates and kind of boxed in. From their vantage they could see where the Dominators had entered the Nazi complex and split up to cover more ground. They got almost 40 or 50 feet from the APC before they were noticed by two of the 6 dominators who were converging on the APC. This intrigued them but the only had a few moments to worry about what could have attracted the giant humanoid elder race, Barack gelder est (or something like that). The APC looked a little out of place as it was the most advanced (albeit antiquated compared to Dominator tech) technology in the entire area as opposed to the 1940’s german tech that permeated the base. There was a significant M-RAD signature emanating from the Snow Lion which might have drawn the Elder Race. There had also been a bunch of radio signals sent to and from the area — messages about some kind of moon base. Lots of confusing and conflicting information but certainly worth an investigation. One of the two dominators who went to go check out the APC was equipped with a pistol and a sensor device and the other was equipped with a rifle. They looked like their suits were more advanced than the one JFC had seen Archaedas use back in the World Destroyer starship.

Bex’s quick thinking got a psychic telemechanic paralysis to jam up the dominator’s sensor and its rifle — but not before it fired a blast that vaporized one of the german grunts guarding Bastion and his employees. They were literally cannon fodder. This interruption in their technology functioning was enough of a distraction to allow Bastion to jump into the APC and begin Analyzing, Hypothesizing, and attempting to JURY-RIG the shit out of one of the dominator stolen microwave warp-drive accelerators. He figured that if they primed it with enough juice and actually powered one up it would be enough to distract the dominators and allow the group to get away. His clever and useful idea, quick thinking, and daring actions ACTUALLY worked…but not in exactly the manner he intended. With help from Wibbley to make the electronics work he put together the power couplings, re-wired the nulcear reactor, and powered up the microwave device. They channeled the energy through the APC’s main Laser-cannon which, when fired, melted most of the barrel. However, before it was completely destroyed a small and temporary temporal / spatial anomaly opened no more than twenty feet in front of the APC and created a WORM HOLE. We then rolled on the dominator tech table in Fleets of 3 Galaxies to determine the dominator’s reaction to sensing their technology powered up and in the hands of outsiders. It wasn’t pretty. The pyrewood ops team un bolted the trailer with the living quarters and a lot of the gear, wedged a stick behind the accelerator, and attempted to plow the APC through the wormhole. Nice distraction! Before they could complete their plan one of the dominators fired a blast at the APC which rocked the vehicle and nailed one side of it — not completely destroyed but heavily damaged. Another dominator fired a blast and missed — landing just in front of the APC and creating a massive divot — a crater between the APC and the wormhole. This did not deter the pyrewood team and they leapt from the vehicle and used telemechanics to pilot it and set it on a collision course THROUGH the crater and into the wormhole. They ran headlong in the direction of the screaming nazi refugee chaos in an attempt to blend in with the crowd.

They did not find out until later that the APC had been stopped and prevented from its intended collision course. We went back to the scene down on the 7th level of raccoon city where more fighting was about to happen. Hawk flew up the 7 floor shaft that Gazi’s body made as it hurtled downwards but an unknown / unseen force. He missed his perception but espied a ton of blood on the top floor and all around the subsequent openings in the slabs. When he went back down to rejoin his companions a team of deevil dogs and their horror master was rounding the corner and ready to engage. He fired a ton of mini-missiles and got into some combat with Sakura and help from Pandemonium, the Mace Wielding Moochay / Rothamril. He busted out his JA-11 to begin sniping them from afar while Pan waded into melee combat with the mace that switches elemental alignments to match it’s target’s weaknesses. He fired off a few good shots and also got one or two in with his grenade launcher before he accidentally missed and nailed Pan in the back with 60 MDC damage! It didn’t really faze the ancient rune artifact but he turned for just long enough to be distracted and take another hit from the devil dog and its Horror master. On his next attack his rolled a natural one and then a 97 on percentile and the gun jammed. It didn’t explode on him but it wouldn’t be able to fire or work properly until someone fixed it.

These deevils were dispatched with help from both Sakura and hatsuko and after the fight Raiko managed to find her way down to the party. They started to work their way through the maze and caught up with Mime and Goethe but soon encountered another team of deevil dogs and a Horror. It seemed odd to them that all of a sudden they were meeting / finding a lot more patrols. The teams appeared to be striking without purpose but nothing could readily be determined. The horror got his hand severed but not before he pulled out a sword and shouted a battle cry, “For the Nameseekers! We will never forget what happened in Russia!” The sword he whipped out was familiar to those who remembered reading the dwarven rune manifest from the rune weapon prison in the temple of Serapis “out of time” in Russia.

Dwarven manifest of imprisoned rune items

This particular sword reminded Sakura of Marhault Elsdragon. So she cut off the horror’s hand. And he continued to fight…but he reached out in an attempt to take the scythe away from Gazi…or take the Mace away from Pandemonium. She disarmed and severed his OTHER hand…then she encased him in silver. He would not leave his rune weapon behind but he was incapacitated for a while and wasn’t able to teleport away with the weapon for a few rounds. A few people had gotten paralyzed by the deevil dogs during this time and, instead of waiting for the paralysis to wear off the group decided that time was of the essence and that they must press onward. Upwards! Let’s climb up the shaft that Gazi created! They made it up to the third subterranean level before noticing a set of beady little eyes and the sound of metal tearing on metal. Hatsuko dodged the first mass of concrete and re-bar expertly but recommended to everyone, “I guess this is our floor!” JFC got off on the third floor and exited the room ASAP. Mime helped Raiko fill the shaft with silver and then created six more of himself to help fill the doorway with silver. After a few seconds they heard a massive thud and then more rending of metal on metal. Uh oh! The thing was pursuing them! And it had gotten through the first silver barrier in the vertical shaft. Shortly thereafter it began to bang on the silver-encased door and the group decided to continue running. Mime stayed behind to keep pouring more silver on it and thicken it considerably with each action of his and his 6 clones. He was so impressed by Sakura’s ability but he never could quite get the hang of it. He was also shocked to shit when the shambling mega mutant monster slammed right through the SDC wall next to the door they had been reinforcing. Apparently the thing had a brain.

Down the corridor in the direction of the laboratory / infirmary. Hawk was leading the way as he had been to this level earlier and had a very good idea of where to go and how to get to the elevator. At this point Sakura was still paralyzed but the group had gained 6 more heroes in the form of Mime who was mimicking her powers.

At this time Bastion and Bex and Wibbley got in with the crowd and saw that the dominators were picking people up, interrogating them, and putting them back down. They were calling to the crowd to release the man they had come seeking. Bastion got the lead dominator’s attention — he called himself Optimus Prime — and listened to this massive being talk about Gazi and why he wanted him. They believed he was some kind of common ancestor to all the humanoid races; the missing link…or something like it. They cannot procreate and their entire race was decimated and they believed the key to unlocking their genetic legacy of sterility was hidden inside Gazi. Bastion saw this as their opportunity to get off the rock but before he was released a small articulated robot arm pricked him with a tracking device that also recorded and transmitted his location and the dialog around him. Bex used telemechanics and spilled the beans so they knew what he was in for. They set out to find the rest of JFC but not before they noticed that the APC hadn’t made it through the wormhole. In fact one of the Dominators had cracked it in half an was looking for something, sifting through the remains. It received an order from Optimus Prime and all of a sudden began shooting its giant mega plasma rifle at the ground and burrowing his way down into the base. They were hot on the trail of…something. Bastion decided this was a good time to head back to the video feeds in the control room.

Back with JFC…they ended up running into a third patrol and this time there was a Beast leading the team of 3 deevil dogs. It opened up the combat with a taunting speech that told JFC that they had no hope of leaving here alive. They should surrender the weapon before the ones up above killed them all. If they surrender the weapon they’d be allowed to leave alive. This seemed like a lie so JFC charged forward. The deevils interpreted this as aggressive and the dogs moved to intercept in melee range. A fracas ensued that was very deadly and left many people paralyzed, disheartened, fatigued, demoralized, and nearly dead. During the fight Pandemonium got paralyzed along with Raiko and Hatsuko got the overwhelming sensation of an Empathic Transmission of fear. Hawk poured his Nightbane living blood into one doggy mouth and even managed to nail the Beast to prevent them from talking, using psionics, or casting spells! While the combat lasted only two melee rounds — most of 30 seconds — the shambler (which had fallen through the floor when Hawk pulverized the ground with a fragmentation grenade and sent it tumbling down to the 4th floor) crept up on them again and started pulling people down by their angles and crushing / almost killing them THROUGH THE FLOOR!

During this time Bastion Bex and Wibbley ducked back into the command center, pulled up the video cameras, got on the PA system and started sending support. Bastion gave them the Matrix / Eagle Eye play-by-play step-by-step directions on which paths to take to get out of there. He had Bex pull up the schematics for the entire building and using the cameras he was able to streamline their escape and get them up to the command center with NO MORE INTERFERENCE or patrols. The PA system worked perfectly to deliver his words loudly when they weren’t in radio-range beneath 3 floors of reinforced concrete. Once JFC was reunited Bastion wasted no time convincing everyone they had to go…but he snowed them over with some kind of story about how he had found a ship for them to take to get out of Antarctica. He brought them directly over to Optimus who was pleased and promised to make Bastion a rich man. He told the pyrewood leader to meet him in an hour at their shuttle. Hawk was reluctant to give up the STILL UNCONSCIOUS Gazi and he obscured himself futilely in some kind of darkness while hooking everyone together by tying rope around them. Hatsuko, Sakura, and Gazi were all lifted up by the dominator along with a morphus BAT Hawk when he was admonishing them about the black hole generator in the world destroyer ship. He also mentioned Archaedas and Bastion offered that the absent dominator was a Buffoon! This made Optimus smile. He mentioned not bothering with the Chaos God with the BOW. He began giving orders to his men in Trade 1 and Sakura replied to him IN TRADE 1!!!! The ancient Elder race the prometheans began using when they settled Center in Phase World. Optimus said he respected her and told her a bit about Gazi being the common ancestor and a bit about the elder race alien woman who was imprisoned below and genetically mutated. Then he left for the shuttle. Bastion grabbed a diesel truck and drove out to meet them as all the dominators retreated out of the settlement. The dominator ended up taking Gazi and the SCYTHE at Sakura’s request…but only after she said he’d die without it…and the dominator promised that his technology would not only ensure that he wouldn’t die but that they didn’t need the silly weapon. Sakura insisted that they see him again and realized that she had promised Gazi back in the World Destroyer ship when he met Archaedas that she’d give him the chance to meet them again one day. Well this was it. She believed that Optimus was honorable and he told her that they’d see Gazi again one day in their futures. It was left ambiguously unanswered with specifics. Hawk had a very difficult time parting with Gazi but he did so eventually…grudgingly. Then he followed Bastion but not before publicly disagreeing with the man’s methods and pulling out a gun and attempting to shoot him in the foot…but missing.

During this time Pandemonium and Mime went back down to rescue the remaining refugee mutants with Hatsuko. Sakura and Raiko checked the remains of the APC and salvaged almost all of their equipment. Bastion met with Optimus and was given a reward — a solar-powered cosmic skiff — small, a two-seater jet almost with limited cargo and it was loaded with the other half of Bastion’s reward: a dominator tech microwave just like the one Bastion jury-rigged. Optimus said he was so impressed that Bastion’s puny human intellect was able to hot-wire a dominator device that he “augmented” one of the ones they salvaged from the APC and gave it back to Bastion as a gift…in addition to the skiff. He loaded it into the cargo hold of the small craft which only sat two people and maybe a dwarf in the back. They returned and attempted to load up the APC living quarters cargo hold and fly it off to the Lemurian Whale rendezvous point.

And that’s where we’ll leave it for now…rather unfinished.

Pandemonium, Hatsuko, and Mime were successful in rescuing a few of the remaining refugees and killing the mega mutant monster. Now they’ll have to figure out how to get to the rendezvous pickup point to get the heck out of Antarctica.


Ladies in Hades and the Dyval Wears Prada Witchcraft