Journal - Trent - Entry 1

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How did I end up here, in an abandoned building in the chaotic war zone that is Coalition occupied Tolkeen? I didn’t even really mean to be in the Tolkeen area, but as I wandered I guess I subconsciously just gravitated in that direction. I found myself in a refugee camp just a day’s walk from the city. I heard a rumor about a book that the Coalition was looking for – they’re apparently willing to pay top credit for it. I’m certain that means that they should never get their hands on it.

I’d probably be in this place right now, searching for that book to find out why it’s so valuable, if I hadn’t also heard about a woman and child who were missing in Tolkeen. Families torn apart, that’s what the Coalition does. But maybe I could help this one to not end the way my family did. Of course, the large reward for their safe return doesn’t hurt either. When I went to get more information I bumped into a few other “folks” who also wanted to take on this job.

Long story short, we’re all working together to find this woman and her girl. We have their picture, the address they used to live at, and a rough area of where they were supposed to go during the siege. Oddly enough, we don’t have their names. That’ll make talking to them a little awkward.

So I’m sitting here in an abandoned building, in the middle of war-torn Tolkeen, surrounded by some strange folks who just happened to want the same job I did. I can’t complain too much, it saved me some trouble. There’s no way I could do something like this on my own, so it’s good to have some backup and some support. For what it’s worth, anyway.

Sitting across from me is an obvious D-Bee, a Sowki who has not shared with us his name. That’s fine, I don’t really care to know. His three eyes creep me out though, especially the way he moves them independently. There! He just did it again. What a creepy thing. He also seems to think he’s getting 75% of the reward money once we find this woman and her kid. Boy will he be in for a surprise.

On the one side of me is a gentlemen who calls himself “The Deacon”. He’s got a lot of guns and seems to know how to use them. Talks about doing “God’s work”, whatever that means. He seems all right, I guess, as long as I don’t become a problem to his “God” or whatever. He’s more than willing to split the prize equally.

On the other side of me is a mysterious woman who calls herself Zeela. When we first met, she was dressed in ordinary clothing in the middle of the refugee camp – not by itself unusual. She wished to help rescue this missing woman and child for none of the reward, but initially told us she was ready to go with no weapons or armor! There’s definitely something up with her – I’ve seen that she has some form of magic but I haven’t been able to catch exactly what. At least she’s got some weapons and armor on her now, but I don’t believe for a second that she needs them.

But then there’s the elephant in the room (what is an elephant, anyway?). A sleeping Coalition soldier. Somehow he lived when all the rest of the soldiers in that bloody room down the hall were massacred. He hasn’t been able to clear up any of the questions racing through my mind, though. Like what is that thing nailed to the wall? What actually happened in there? Does he know who the woman and girl are that we’re looking for? Does he know where they are?

I’m keeping a close watch on him. I know he’ll be a son of a bitch to deal with once he realizes what we are. If I had known Zeela would’ve been able to heal him, I never would’ve called for anyone else to come down to that room. He should have just died with the rest of his buddies.

I hope those freedom fighters we saw earlier today did all right, and that item I gave them helped them to turn the tide. I almost rushed in to join them! But they’d have no reason to trust me, and just getting to them would’ve been dangerous enough. And it would’ve taken me away from this mission. I’ll just have to believe those Coalition soldiers they were fighting got what they deserved after all. I know the ones in that room at the end of the hall here did.

That Sowki’s looking around again. Those damn eyes.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 1

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