Journal - Trent - Entry 15

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We came up with a pretty simple solution: send Pall Mall and James into Calgary to scout ahead. Pall’s Valkyrie, Sonja (have I mentioned her yet?) would escort them initially, then return to where Deacon and I are waiting. I gave Pall scrolls which would let him create a Dimensional Envelope, followed by a Dimensional Portal, in order to bring me, Deacon and Sonja into Calgary once they had the opportunity to scope the place out. I gave James one of the Deevil infiltration amulets that I identified recently and instructed him in its basic functions.

While James and Pall are having their fun, Deacon nearly got us killed. I knew his arrogance and weird fanticizm would be a detriment, but I had hoped he could still be reasoned with to control those impulses. His weapon skills have proven quite useful to us in the past and I would’ve liked to have kept him around. But then he nearly gave us away by trying to provoke an entire group of Demon slavers! I managed to talk him out of that fiasco but I feel like it was only just barely that he held off. Then last night he used that rune gun I gave him to bind in place a group of travellers who were heading into Calgary and had wandered close to our hiding place.

Sonja was back by then, and she wasted no time flying down (she flies!) to start interrogating them. I cast the Aura of Power on myself to help with the first impressions. The group was a Headhunter and a ’Borg who were being escorted by a Juicer (reminds me of a childhood joke: “A Headhunter, a ’Borg and a Juicer all walked into a bar. There were no survivors”).

The ‘Borg was real chatty and gave up some good information. His Headhunter friend was angry he shared so much, and their Juicer escort abandoned them on the spot, offering to work for us! No thanks Juice-head, I think I’ll keep my money rather than give it to you so you could just abandon us once things get a little dicey. Somehow all three of them managed to mistake Sonja for a god though, and Deacon became reall offended by that. Their fight was brief and ended with the deacon face first in his own binding. He escaped by transforming himself into a bird and flew away. I haven’t seen him since. Considering how volitile he was here, it’s probably just as well. I hope we hear from Pall and James soon.

That damn Sowki! He just contacted me trying to tell me that Sonja and I should just come into Calgary now, since his recon showed him it wasn’t as dangerous for us was we initially suspected. Nice try, but no, he doesn’t get to keep those scrolls I gave him to use. I know he won’t give them up, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to just line his pockets with money, or give him the chance to learn any of the advanced magics I learned! No, we’ll stick to the plan, and he’ll open a portal for us once he’s found a reasonably safe place to create the Dimensional Envelope.

The ‘Borg we met earlier had a mark on him, he said a Demon Lord gave it to him. I’ve been practicing with the Deevil amulet and I can reproduce it pretty well on any form I choose, including my natural form. I don’t know if we’ll need it or not, but it pays to be prepared just in case. The ‘Borg also mentioned some major arena battle he was planning to participate in – sadly I don’t think he has much of a chance.

While I’m still waiting for Pall and James, I started working to puzzle out what that leather and crystal armor was that I found back at that hatch. What an interesting item! It appears to be a techno-wizard armor of no small power, and includes several size-altering spells built in, along with some other abilities. I’ve packed away my old armor and donned this new armor instead. I think these abilities will complement the disguise I plan to wear nicely!

I decided I’ll be metamorphed into the form of an Earth Jinn when I enter Calgary. They’re powerful enough to not be bothered too much by other demons, and their curse gives me an excuse to be doing just about anything, which could be convenient.

Great timing! Our portal is here.

Pall and James had an interesting adventure so far. I reviewed the memories James’ amulet collected. I wish I could understand why he thought transforming into a Wolfen would elevate him above slave stock status. It didn’t, and after Sonja and I came through the portal I had to go get him out of the slave pens. At least he seems to have gotten over himself a little.

Something happened a little while ago when I pulled in excess magical energy I needed to create and fill up an energy sphere. It felt like a spike was wedged into my head! It’s not the first time I felt something weird when gathering this energy, but last time it was just a pinprick sensation. I didn’t worry about it at the time, but now I’m a bit worried. I don’t feel any different, but I think I’m going to hold off absorbing any excess magical power for a little while, unless I absolutely have to.

Quick update: we just fought and kicked the crap out of another Sowki, who attacked us out of the blue with some Demon back-up. Pall was given some bad money which tipped him off that we were enemies. We took a lot of money and items from him, and left him to heal. Maybe he’ll “see” the error of his ways.

That’s a joke. He was already blind in one of his eyes. I made all three match for him. He’s magic, I’m sure he’ll heal. But fuck you buddy. We’ll be visiting your friend who gave Pall the bad money soon too.

This whorehouse Pall brought us to… there’s pictures in every room from the previous owner and he looks a lot like me, if I was (physically) about 40 years older! I’ve seen what I look like pretty old, so there’s no mistake. I found there was a woman working there who knew the old owner but when I visited her she seemed fairly out of her damn mind. I couldn’t get her to focus on anything but offering sex, which I did NOT take her up on! The Dragon Eye gem confirmed she was human, but her aura… it unmistakenly looked almost exactly like mine… I left and I’m not sure what I’ll do when I go back. If I go back…

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Journal - Trent - Entry 15

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