Journal - Trent - Entry 16

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Dare I take the time to catch up in this journal? Dare I not?

Before we parted ways I had an oddly enlightening conversation with Pall Mall. He told me the book we lost at Tolkeen was the Codex of Souls, and it had turned up! Even worse though was his revelation that the book details several items of legend which were entrusted to certain gods, each in different pantheons. Those gods had started to act irregularly, and no-one knew why. Pall suspects they are being manipulated to gather all the weapons in one place, where they can be somehow combined. We strongly suspect that two of them are here, in Calgary – there may be more either here, or coming. He suggested our best course of action, should we find these items, is to return them to the pantheons they originally belonged to. That sounds like a reasonable course of action to me.

Pall Mall and Sonja left us for their own business, and James and I headed back to the Valhalla to catch the arena battles we had heard about. I had a feeling that one of the folks were here to try and find might have been conscripted, so I was very interested in finding out. Coming back I used to Dragon’s Eye gem to see the true form of the beings around me as I walked, and spotted a few Deevils. If I trusted my own ability to shadow such beings unobserved I would’ve tried to follow one, but instead I filed that info away and stopped back at the Dimensional Envelope before going to the arena. Inside was a note, saying simply “We need to talk.”

Stranger things have happened, but not by much.

Continuing to wear the Earth Jinn disguise, I left and went to the front desk (“Thor” was very professional towards me). I placed a bet on the Cyborg I met on the way into the city to win the match he was in. Then I met with James and we engaged in idle chatter while the matches commenced. Eventually the Borg match began, and he was paired off with some sort of dinosaur-humanoid. The Borg did not seem to be doing too well so when no-one was looking I cast the Magical Adrenal Rush spell on him to give him a little boost. It wasn’t enough, so I also teleported to him the heavy plasma rifle I found on the dead lizard guy so long ago at the Tolkeen Library. The Borg started to turn the tide but then the dinosaur head hit him with a phase beamer the arena provided and dropped the Borg in one hit.

Oh, well. At least the 10,000 blood marble bet I placed with Thor was all from his own money anyway. Still, I would’ve preferred to have seen the Human win against the creature.

We watched a few more fights and then there was a break before the “main event.” I took my leave to go back up to the Dimensional Envelope and leave a response to whoever had visited earlier. When I walked in though, he was already there! Then he proceeded to tell me some very disturbing things. See, he thinks he’s me. Or at least, a version of me from an alternate universe. He calls himself “One”. I must confess I didn’t really see the resemblance, but in my shock I relaxed out of my Demonic disguise. According to One, there’s currently seven of them, and he thinks I may be the eighth. He told me I’d already met number Six and number Two. He also revealed he had “arranged” that encounter in the whorehouse with number Six, as an experiment.

He continued to tell me that he and the other six of them were summoned to this reality as a result of one man (another “Trent”) using the Id Self spell. I’ll call him “Prime” for now. Then Prime disappeared but left “clues” behind that these seven have been following. And me, they’ve been keeping tabs on me for a long time it seems. At least until I left for my training with Tr’nalith. I asked him about this number “Two” that I met previously, and he opened up a Rift which summoned Jescha!

I could’ve dropped dead of surprise right there.

Jescha looked good as ever, but she’s an alternate too? Is this someone’s idea of a big joke? One was talking about all sorts of possibilities, even the fact that I could be the one who summoned them all in the past – absurd, of course – it’s impossible to go back in time and I think I would’ve remembered having done that. They said even Lars was in on things. Jescha tried to tell me that not everything between us was a lie, but I backed away from her when she tried to come near me. I dreamed of a reunion for us, but I never dreamed this.

One started suggesting that I may also be an alternate, and that my past may not be real. Are all my memories a lie? Is anyone from my past really who I remember them to be? Was I even returned to the right reality by Tr’nalith? Is there even any way to prove whether or not this “One” was telling the truth? One left me with more questions than answers, but he did suggest that none of the seven members of their group were time mages. Only the original (Prime) had been a time mage, and now I was the only other one.

By the gods of Time, maybe it’s time to contact Tr’nalith after all.

Jescha was sent away, and then One left, but before going he let me know I can contact him and his “organization” through the brothel I was at earlier. This left me plenty to think about. I’ve never cast it myself of course, but the Id Self spell I had worked out, in theory, pulls beings whose bio-energy aura are similar to the caster’s out of alternate universes which are too close to our current universe to normally be discerned and traveled to. The magic is intense, and over time I figured at BEST I’d be able to maybe find two or three of these individuals. Also, they should all be time mages too, possibly with rare exception – if the differences are too great, the B.E. signature will be too different and the spell won’t grab them. Won’t it? It’s all theory, but maybe I should be trying to cast it soon and find out.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 16

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