Journal - Trent - Entry 17

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I meditated on what I had been told and tried to make sense of everything but the main Arena event was coming up, and I felt I could use the ego boost of knowing I had been right. I was so preoccupied that I forgot to metamorph back into my Jinn disguise, but no-one bothered me. Pall Mall and Sonja were with James when I arrived, and curiously the dinosaur fighter from earlier was with them as well – Pall apparently bought him. He calls himself McGreggor but honestly I don’t care about Pall Mall’s pets.

This battle wasn’t what I expected – I recognized a demon servant of one of James’ gods, but the other combatants seemed to be more god pretenders, like Thor. James was very interested in one of them though. So interested that when that combatant won the battle James jumped into the arena in anger, to attack the now severely weakened victor! The fight, if you can call it that, was over quickly, and James readied a killing blow.

Now I find James to be arrogant, and a bit dense, but it seemed to me that he obviously was not acting like usual there. I’d seen him dispatch foes before, but he entered this fight angry, and I couldn’t sit by and watch him do something he would regret. At the last moment, I cast an Energy Field spell around the fallen and James’ sword bounced off of it. He immediately looked back up in the stands, straight at me, and I just stared back. I did my best to not look concerned. James walked away while the crowd booed and broke out into fights. Savages. James walked back to us a few minutes later and we exchanged some cool words. Then James left, and shortly after I decided to go meditate some more and try to continue to organize my thoughts and feelings.

James was in the room when I arrived, finishing up a prayer session it seemed. We had a peaceful talk, now that he was calmed down, where James told me more about Olympus, Athena, his talk with Zeus, and his reservations about Pall. I’m still not sure what to think of the Sowki either, but he continues to surprise me when I least expect it, and I’m beginning to suspect he may be more trustworthy than I initially believed. I told James that, and talked about the weapons Pall had mentioned and our theories.

Everyone else arrived at the room and we all did our wary best to relax together in that space. I recharged my talismen, and gave Pall some of the extras I had for summoning up the Armor of the Dwarf King Ithan. Pall started going through the swords he took from Thor earlier and figured out what a few of them could do. Pall suggested we get radios for everyone; a wise decision, but James wanted to visit a blacksmith. We debated this a bit but while we were talking Pall just left with Sonja. So James and I went to find a blacksmith, and somehow McGreggor the humanoid dinosaur knew where one was nearby.

The Blacksmith. He was some sort of four-armed Brek-Shall demon but not the blacksmith James was looking for. Once again, I got to play translator for him. McGreggor started trying on random things and angered the Brek Shall but I calmed him down by offering to look at and buy one of his several slaves. He brought us to them, and the Cyclops slave he had turned out to be the one James was looking for! Then the fool, he made it very obvious we were interested in the Cyclops – that’s negotiation 101 for Time’s sake! Before the Brek Shall could take advantage of James’ lack of negotiation tact, I caught McGreggor out of the corner of my eye trying to get us all killed.

McGreggor’s a solid 8 feet plus. He found a mallet that dwarfed him, and he was swinging it at the main binding spike for the slaves’s chains. Unfortunately I didn’t see him in time to stop him, and he freed the chain in one mighty swing. The Brek Shall charged him in a rage, and I told James to do what he needed to with the Cyclops now, while he still could. Dammit James, he should’ve told me what he was really there to do, not that “buying armor” bullshit. The other slaves were freeing themselves and the Brek Shall was tripped by one, using the chain that McGreggon had freed. Then the dinosaur man swung the mallet at the flying Brek Shall, and KO’d him in one hit as he flung him across the room.

Maybe I shouldn’t have dismissed McGreggor. Even I have to admit, that was pretty impressive.

James some how gave the despondant Cyclops power from that lock on his wrist, and the Cyclops was so happy and excited that he left, leaving James to run after him to follow. I noticed the Brek Shall was healing and stopped time around him while I figured out what to do here. The Brek Shall, he was linked to Modius, and I at least had come here as a normal human. McGreggor looted the now empty place a bit and left, leaving just me and the Brek Shall.

Seeing I was alone, I decided to it was time to get serious. I dropped the time stop, placed the unconscious Brek Shall in suspended animation for the next six decades, created a dimensional envelope, put him in it, then cancelled the envelope – banishing the time-frozen demon to the endless void-space between dimensions. He was sent to nowhere, and firmly out of our hair for the foreseeable future. Can’t have witnesses.

When I walked out I grabbed a couple of interesting swords, Deevil-made. Then ran into Pall Mall, who was riding on…

I kid you not. This sonofabitch was riding on a Metzla Demon.

He gave me a radio and he was very insistent we finally go to the Calgary Rift, where he last sensed Solomon. I went with him and his followers and there he had trouble pinpointing the location of Solomon – his spell kept telling him Solomon was IN the Calgary Rift. Once we realized he was more likely directly below it, Pall summoned ANOTHER Metzla demon to dig a tunnel to Solomon.

Seriously, THAT’s his solution? The Calgary Rift was so packed with travelers and Demons, I’m surprised he was able to fit ONE of those demons, let alone it’s cousin too! I held him back and in preparation for creating a Mystic Portal to the location, I D-Phased through the ground to scope out the area first. Clever Deevils! They had opened another, smaller rift right below the Calgary Rift in order to mask their presense. They were literally packed into every spot there was room – a huge invasion force! The only thing holding them at bay was a golden-haired warrior woman, fighting them almost as fast as they could come through. Almost. Solomon Kane lay on the ground at the base of the portal, seemingly unconscious or dead.

I snapped the spell back too quickly and was violently thrown back out – I’d forgotten how much that hurt! I’ll be recovering from that for a few days. But I passed the news to everyone else. We decided that the best thing would be for Pall and James to contact their allies. Pall had a relationship with Dakkon Blackblade, a VIP it seems here in the demon city. But then it occurred to me, based on something Pall said… Since I hadn’t seen Baaz down there (and I got a good look), then where was he? Was this just some sort of diversion? OF COURSE it is! That’s just like a Deevil! And there were Deevil’s here and there throughout the city too!

The only piece I’m missing, is where will they all strike when the Demons react in typical fashion to the Deevils massing underneath them? While everyone else is getting their allies together, I think maybe it’s time I made better friends with Alternate “Trent” One, and see what he and his allies can tell me.

Only one thing still bugs me now, as I have separated from my allies and prepare to face this weirdness once again…

Where did McGreggor disappear to THIS time?

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Journal - Trent - Entry 17

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