Journal - Trent - Entry 19

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Grw no 1No time yet for details – but here’s the highlights from just the last couple of hours:

-McGreggor showed up with a makeshift nuclear device and used it, leveling several city blocks.

-Athena was killed by the Deevil Reagent Baaz wielding one of the legendary rune weapons mentioned in The Codex of Souls. He was disguised as Solomon Kane at the time.

-The New Calgary Rift imploded and then exploded, leveling the rest of New Calgary. Somehow that was tied to Athena’s death and Baaz’s actions as he killed her.

-Baaz ambushed Pall Mall and some sort of incomplete blood pact was made between the two.

-The greatest rune weapon I came to New Calgary to take from Baaz was left behind on purpose. I now have it in a safe place.

-The Enclave of other Trents have temporarily severed ties with me. They found out, and then informed me, that Baaz had spent some time in my past disguised as Lars.

-Gods from several pantheons showed up and told us how this newly-started way between the Deevils and Demons would destroy all reality. They have so many problems of their own that they can’t deal with it.

Yeah, I think that’s about it. Jescha thinks I’m wasting time by writing this down. Even though we’re in dimensional space “36” right now and we’ve got some time to spare, I know she’s right to a point. But I’ve discovered so much in such a short time! I watched the goddess Athena die! I actually saw the weapon, for the first time, which Baaz was wielding. I drew it as best I could over to the right in this entry.

So many things trouble me as well:

-Why was Baaz impersonating Lars at some point in my past? When Jescha was directed to ensure our capture, did her orders come from someone who knew about Baaz/Lars? What happened to the real Lars? How long was he impersonating Lars for? How much does he already about me and my capabilities? Who sent that recorded memory to the Enclave? Why?

-Why did Baaz kill Athena? What did he do to her as he ran her though? Was it really coincidence that he looked right at me after he took Athena’s life? Why could I clearly see the weapon while in a time-accelerated state, and not from normal reality?

-Can the Sowki Pall Mall be trusted, after what I’ve seen? I still feel on the fence about him. He worries me greatly, actually, more so than the rest of my companions combined. He’s offered us sanctuary at a location he’s “prepared.” Dare I enter the spider’s web willingly?

-Was there really enough time for Baaz to have killed Athena and then made it to the location where Pall Mall sensed Sonja? I’ve reviewed the timing in my mind several times now, and it seems a little too tight. Is there more than one Archfiend running amok? Or is Reagent Baaz just so much more powerful than I ever realized? What is the real reason for why he left the rune sword behind?

-What was up with McGreggor’s outburst towards Jescha? She nearly attacked him! Who did he mistake her for? At least Jescha convinced him not to talk to her again. But I fear he’s still under an incorrect assumption about her and I, and I’m not sure if I want to fix that.

-Who or what is “Steve, from the House of Gary?” Why does this creature believe he’s human?

-Is the Codex of Souls actually right about this “Minion War” and its ultimate danger? What is the “Book of Heroes” or the “Omega Book?”

Time to meet back up with my companions. How much of all this do I share with them? Can I trust James not to react in haste? Can I trust Pall Mall not to go behind our backs for his own profit? Can I trust McGreggor to even understand what is going on? And can I even trust this “Steve” being at all? After all we’ve been through, everything that’s happened, and with all of existence at stake, can I afford NOT to trust them?

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Journal - Trent - Entry 19

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