Journal - Trent - Entry 20

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Has it been a month already? I’ve been so busy here in Lazlo that I’ve hardly had time to think about this journal. This is what happened back in the ‘Burbs, when I met up with Lars again (was it even Lars?). I won’t let it happen this time.

Let’s see, catching up… Pall Mall teleported us all from the ruins outside of New Calgary to Freehold. From there I paid for myself, Jescha, and the creatures McGreggor and Steve to travel with us to Lazlo. Where, it turns out, my “duty rotation” had come up for the guild. I was a little surprised, I joined that guild just what, a week or two prior? I thought for sure I’d have more time before I had to submit to a duty rotation. I guess I’ll just chalk it up to the number of mages who have died in this war the Coalition is waging.

Jescha and I found a place to live here in Lazlo for the time being. Pall Mall wanted to offer us a place to stay at his Sanctuary, but I don’t think I could ever be comfortable there. I’m sure Jescha never would! Not to mention, it wasn’t even ready yet. He said he’d contact us when it was, so we’ll jump down that rabbit hole when the rabbit leads us to it.

Is that the saying? I’m sure it’s close enough.

I tried to spend as much time as I could with Jescha here. She didn’t want to become a guild member, and I can tell this place full of D-Bees very obviously bothers her. I’ll admit, some of them make me uncomfortable too, but I think this is just one of those things that happen when you’re raised by an isolated society of zealots. I hope being with her and exploring the city together is helping her to overcome that. She even made some friends here, some folks she could visit with when I’m at the guild. I’m glad, maybe now that I’ve met my commitment to the guild I can meet them too. Or not, after all, a lady gets to keep secrets if she wishes.

Secrets. I’ve been keeping a big one from her, about the Black Vault, that maybe I should find time to finally talk to her about.

Oh! That Elf I helped back in Calgary, Tyvernos was his name, he turned up here at the Lazlo guild! He even worked to teach me a few of the spells that I paid the guild to learn. I was very surprised to run into him here, but I’m glad that he’s moving past the shackles of slavery.

Let’s see, other notable things…

I contacted Tr’nalith. I don’t know if he’ll honor my request for an audience with his presence, but I definitely have a lot of questions for him that I’d like to ask. And seeing as he was involved in some of the things that have occurred (the Tolkeen library prison!), maybe he can even shed some light on the mysteries which abound.

Heh, before we made it here, that creature McGreggor had a strange conversation with Jescha and I, and now it seems he thinks he’s our retainer? He just gets more and more mysterious, but it means that I had to pay him only fifty-thousand to get him out of my hair, and I got to make him responsible for replacing all the electronic equipment and weapons that broke because of the EMP from the bomb he threw.

Speaking of that bomb, Jescha and I were as radioactive as a pair of Catyrs! Luckily we sought medical attention in time, and it doesn’t seem like we’ll suffer any lingering effects.

I returned all those signet rings which we found on a ghoul during our travels. Families of some of the previous owners were even here in town, and they’ve given me some rewards. One grateful family paid to get me a new, tailor-made fancy suit. I was against it at first but I must admit, it’s a lot more comfortable than I expected! I’ve also been invited to some sort of dinner by another grateful family, I can’t wait to tell Jescha and take her with me.

I wish it was all fun and games. Despite being buried in this guild responsibility, I can’t help but think about all the things which have gone on so far. The most disturbing new thought which I haven’t been able to get out of my head… I’ve done the math countless times, but unless the Archfiend Baaz has godly speed or I’ve made some pretty grossly inaccurate assumptions, I just don’t see how he was able to kill Athena AND impersonate Sonja at those two different locations – there just wasn’t enough time for him to have moved between the one and the other. Even if he could, it’s just… too elaborate of a scheme.

But when “One” showed me those memories he was sent, of Baaz posing as Lars at one point during my recent past, the nightmare realization literally stopped me in my tracks. Does Baaz have temporal magic powers, or similar abilities, like I do? Does he have knowledge of temporal magic spells? Has he brought forth his own Id Selves to work with him?

One of these beings is bad enough, but several? And if no-one realizes… this is quite the game changer! I haven’t told anyone this yet, not even Jescha – I know what she and her other-dimensional allies would think, and they all barely trust me as it is. I do hope, if Pall Mall can prove himself trustworthy, that I can discuss this with him. He’d be able to offer a unique dimensional perspective, and he wouldn’t immediately assume that the reason Baaz may have these abilities is because of me. Once Pall Mall contacts me, him and I will definitely be having a talk about a lot of things.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 20

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