Journal - Trent - Entry 25

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I had an interesting conversation with Steve, of the House of Gary, and an even more interesting conversation with that arrogant god-child, James.

First, while James was still gone on his and McGreggor’s grand sewer adventure, Steve started talking to me about magic and asking about dimensional travel. He then requested my “services as his transportation specialist” so he could get back to his home to warn his own people about the Minion War and work out some logistics issues. In return he offered to provide his services to me as I saw fit and fair.

I can understand where he’s coming from. I thought my own family, my mother, lost upon my return from training. But now I know that I couldn’t find her again because she didn’t even exist in this dimension! Once I can figure out how to get back to my own dimension, warning and protecting my own family is of course going to be my first priority too. I wanted to help Steve, but now just wasn’t the time.

While I still have a few scrolls for full-on dimensional portals, I want to hold them in reserve. I’m not sure if they’ll even work, since my own portal shortcuts have stopped working. Though my dimensional pockets function normally… I can’t waste time trying to puzzle this all out now. Even Jescha spoke out during my conversation with Steve, and suggested AGAIN that we are actually in the past!

I’m so tired of hearing that! I got angry at her and it was all I could do to hold back. Time is linear, and the timestream is roiling with raw temporal energy, inexorably flowing forward. There’s no way to produce enough energy to travel AGAINST that flow of time! To even practically travel through time the entire structure of time would have to be curved somehow, like a string all balled or coiled up. Then instead of slipping into the timestream itself one would breach temporal walls in order to skip across to the parts of the string that are touching.

Absolutely absurd. There’s no theory of time I’ve ever encountered which even remotely hints or suggests at such a thing. And even if it were true, it would take precise calculations of when and how these temporal walls were “touching” or else one would find themselves… well, who knows where. It doesn’t matter anyway. I really wish I could make these imbeciles who keep insisting that we went into the past understand this. But I may as well try to teach fourth-dimensional tick-tack-tow to an infant.

I really meandered there. Back on topic: Steve. He understood that now wasn’t the time to actually make the trip, he was just looking to see if I would help him. I told him that upon our return I would help him – someone should be able to go back to their home, even if I or the other alternates of me cannot. I am surprised though that Steve didn’t already cement a deal with Pall Mall for this service – maybe another time I can ask him about that.

Then on to James. Well, actually, that coincided with my discovery that Pall Mall and the mystery woman with the crown took off to time-knows where. Steve, Jescha and I exhausted our search of the room at the top of the ziggurat – I’m going to call it the throne room, it seems to serve that purpose. Pall Mall, Sonja and the woman were all gone. I used the Retro Viewing spell in order to see what happened, and to my utter un-surprise I saw the woman wake up, speak to Pall, marr the protection circle so it was unusable and then teleport away. With little-to-no hesitation, Pall Mall opened up a portal and he and Sonja disappeared.

I should have felt these dimensional movements, but since I was in the time-altered throne room, I guess it blocked my senses from extending outside of the room.

James returned and told us that McGreggor was heading through the sewers to the tower. I sighed. I guess we’ll have to meet him there, to at least keep us all together. I wish I could remember to give everyone these damn radios I bought for us – just for this very reason!

Back to James. He found a moment or two when Steve was otherwise occupied and decided to have a private conversation with me too. He wanted to talk to me about some of his wild theories, including, yes, that’s right, that we’re in the past. He came to this conclusion NOT because of the fact that this entire area is an almost exact replica of a period from Earth’s ancient history (Jescha told me about that), but because of a conversation he had with the being who possessed him through the crown, who he also guesses was a goddess. I wish I was making this up. He also was really hot on the idea that Jescha was “evil,” because of something to do with his sword and the artifact sword, it’s effects on his sword and different effects on Jescha.

If I had faith in the usefulness of gods, I would’ve been begging them for patience right about then. I mean, what the fucking fuck James.

My blow-up with Jescha was still fresh in my mind, so I was (surprisingly) better able to hold my temper with him. At least at first. I calmly told him that we were not in the past, and I offered to prove it later. I’m not entirely sure if I can prove it, really, but at least it shut him up about that.

For all I have to say that seems negative here, I do have some measure of Trust in James. He’s stuck by us, and his innocent naivety is… refreshing, when it isn’t annoying. But I know he’ll have my back when I need it. Even though I’ve saved him many more times then he’s saved me. It’s only his arrogance that makes him a less than ideal travelling companion. But it’s not the first time I’ve had to deal with someone who was insufferably arrogant so I should be used to this.

My point… My trust in James led to me telling him about Jescha, how her and I are alternate universe versions of each other, and there’s others too that I’ve met. I pretty much told him that whole story, minus the still mysterious Baaz connection. But as far as Jescha being “evil,” I called James right the fuck out on that. She has done nothing to deserve to have that label placed on her, and I wouldn’t stand to have him dropping it on her like this for such a… a flimsy, bullshit reason!

But James is a master of throwing what the fuck shit at you, and moved on to elaborate on his conversation with the being that possessed him. Apparently he made sure to flash it images of Baaz, of the artifact that led us here, and the body of the woman on the altar. James’ whole theory about the being that possessed him being the woman on the altar is based on the fact that this being cried when he flashed that mental image of the body. I was speechless. He threw out some other random associations, comparing it to our visit with Moomoo and the panedmonium… I could feel myself getting dumber. He’s had Moomoo on the brain since we got here, as if this version of Moomoo would “remember” him and welcome him.

Then James really ticked me off, and I narrowly avoided dropping him with magic right there on the spot! He had the fucking nerve to ask me if anyone had “BOTHERED” to talk with the naked man on the throne, or even look at the throne? Like, where the fuck were you when I did that repeatedly? Shit. I’m getting mad again just writing this down.

What is wrong with me lately?

That’s all I have to say about those conversations. Not too much later we went to the Tower to meet with McGreggor, and that was its own (mis)adventure.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 25

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