Journal - Trent - Entry 29

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So that was an interesting conversation. I think I know a little more now then I did before, but not as much as I would’ve liked. This strange, naked man was actually able to converse with me, and we talked back and forth for a bit before he decided the information I was giving him was too fantastic for his tastes and dematerialized in front of us.

There’s much he can’t remember. He said it was as if he was being intentionally prevented from remembering. These seemingly purposeful memory issues, this can’t be a coincidence. Everywhere I turn it seems someone’s bringing up the fragility of memories and lack of trust in their supposed past. Something I can relate to – maybe that’s why it stands out to me?

He refers to the people here as “his people.” He’s not sure if he’s a king but he was inexplicably drawn to the throne. He feels as if he must help them out and restore language to the populace.

He said Jescha awoke him from a long, dark slumber, and that his first new memories here were as if in a dream.

He called the skeleton that was on the throne the “Usurper” and became angry when I told him how the others let her escape by placing the crown she was trapped in on the head of the time-stasis sacrificial woman.

He dropped a lot of names I don’t know – Tammuz, Gilgamesh, Shamhat, Enkidu. What memories he could consider seemed tied to the times when these beings were around. Maybe I’ll discuss this with Jescha some, she has studied some history and mythology.

He scoffed at my mention of the Codex of Souls, calling it nonsense and an “Old Wive’s Tale.”

He referred to Ishtar as “Inanna” – perhaps another name for the same goddess?

He lost faith and trust in us – the story I relayed to him seemed to fantastic for him to believe. He left to pray for “Inanna” and said we would reconvene here when “Sin meets Ninkasi – satisfied with desire and sating his heart.”

Whatever that means.

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Journal - Trent - Entry 29

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